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When did you see heartbeat?

With previous issues I'm a little nervous about my 6 week u/s.  Even though I know it's still a little early if I don't see it this week I'm afraid I will freak myself out.  With my DD I saw it at 5 1/2  weeks but every pregnancy is different.

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Re: When did you see heartbeat?

  • My doc said you SHOULD see it by the 6th week.  However, a lot of people are off on their dates so if you don't see it, don't freak out.  They will bring you in again in a week - by then it should there
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  • They did mine at 8 weeks.
  • With my first pg, I had an u/s at 5.5 weeks and all that could be seen is the yolk sac. They made me wait until 9 weeks for another u/s, and by then the heartbeat was very visible. Good luck!!


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  • Eh still waiting on my. I'm guessing around 12 weeks

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  • I saw DD's heartbeat at 6 wk 1 day.
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  • We saw the heartbeat on the ultrasound at 8 weeks each time.

    We had reliable location of the HB via hand held Doppler at 14 weeks.

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  • 5wks 6 days w/ a transvaginal u/s. Like you said, it's different for every pregnancy though and just one day can make a difference this early in the game! (I had an u/s done 2 days before and there was nothing but a yolk sac)

  • 6w6d with my first pregnancy. Haven't had an ultrasound yet with this LO.
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  • 6 weeks 5 days
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  • saw and heard for the first time at 6w6d
  • 6w1d. I saw the heartbeat but it was a little slow because of how early it was, which thy are tellin me is normal.

  • 6weeks 4days with a trans vaginal ultrasound. I go back on Friday for my 8 weeks scan :-)
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  • 7wks 2 days with an abdominal ultrasound.



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  • I saw my little monsters heartbeat at 8 weeks & 4 days. 
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  • 6w1d translational ultrasound. We saw the flickering, but he didn't do a heartbeat count. Is that normal?
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  • Yesterday.. At 18 weeks. I didn't have an ultrasound until then (it was elective to find out we are having a baby boy!) I was able to hear his heartbeat at 11 1/2 weeks, and I bought a doppler after that. I hear its not unusual to be able to see the heartbeat at 6 weeks, but like you say, every pregnancy is different.
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    I heard mine yesterday @ 6wks & 2days & it was at 114 the doc said :) :)
  • 8 weeks and 2 days during a vaginal ultrasound =)

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  • 6w2d on a TV ultrasound, 8w we saw it through regular abdominal ultrasound



  • Had my first apt yesterday at 5w6d and they are bringing me back in 2 weeks to hear the heartbeat.
  • 6w4d, transvaginal u/s. Could see and hear it.


  • 9 weeks 4 days. But it was my first appointment/us
  • With DS- 6w2d. This time 6w5d.
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  • Well after four years of my first son I tried to get pregnant n that took six months but I lost my pregnancy in 10 weeks. Everything was growing n improving but heart didn't start beating n then atlast hcg level got down n that's endup me on DNC. So now after four months I got pregnant again but n went in my first appointment in sixth week with two hcg levels, first was 19660 on 5w, 4d n other 27600 on 6 week. Apparently doctor seems no problem n call me two weeks but since dr didnt hear any heart beat yet so m with very dual feelings. Confuse from inside. But positive since have all believe in AllAh that he will decide best for me.
  • I still haven't seen a heartbeat. I'm 6 w 5 d

    It's a BOY

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