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Am I pregnant?

I'm 8DPO and my period isn't due until Sunday, Oct 6th. I've had some early pregnancy symptoms-nausea, cramping, sore boobs, frequent trips to the potty, and constant burping. Am I pregnant? Is it too soon to test? I'm so tired of waiting to find out for sure.
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Re: Am I pregnant?

  • Are pee sticks not readily sold at a store near you?

    BTW, all of those symptoms sound exactly how I would feel before my period.

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  • No one can tell you if you are pregnant.
    You're already so tired of waiting to know for sure? You are 8 DPO, you are a very impatient person.

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  • I highly recommend this foolproof test:

    It was totally right for me!
    LOL according to this, I'm pregnant with an Asian baby and Jesse Jackson is the daddy. :-p


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  • You could be, but only an HPT will tell you. We can't possibly know. Sorry.

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  • I consulted my crystal ball and it said... Take a pregnancy test
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  • Implantation happens 7-10 days after ovulation so if you do end up finding out you're pregnant, know that these "symptoms" you're experiencing weren't actual pregnancy symptoms.
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  • I highly recommend this foolproof test:

    It was totally right for me!
    Just a warning, but this thing gives false negatives! So I took it again and it was right the second time. I'll be having Arnold Schwarzenegger's 13-lb baby girl, as I already knew before I tested. Thank goodness I was able to confirm my pregnancy on the internet!


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  • You guys are all nuts. What is wrong with you? Why can't you tell? It's easy.

    *straps on ute goggles*

    Affirmative. Preggly weggly.

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  • Worry about it after your period doesn't come

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  • Jeez I wanted to ask a question on these boards...but some of you women have no compassion at all.  I don't think she asked you "hey can you look into my uterus and tell me if I'm pregnant?" I think she named a discussion board so she could ask questions and receive answers from experience women in this subject field....maybe "" is the wrong place for me to get answers and support.  Good luck deltadiva
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  • @katiscarlett21 it is absolutely ridiculous to ask people if you are pregnant. Ask a ridiculous question, you get snarky and ridiculous answers back. And yes, she did flat out ask "Am I pregnant?"

    The bump is filled with compassion and support for those who truly need it but that doesn't mean that everyone gets smoke blown up their butt.

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  • 8 dpo is way too early...wait a few days and take a test. I also think 8 dpo is a little too early to have preggo or PMS symptoms...
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  • @WashingtonQueen...I do believe it is constantly said that there are no stupid questions.  But I will agree to disagree with you here.  You have your opinion, to which you are entitled, as I am to mine.  Thanks for your input though.  Have a great day :)
  • @katiscarlett21, please tell me how it is not a stupid question when literally no one here can answer it.

    BTW, the only time I feel "no question is a stupid question" actually applies is with children. I expect adults to have some common sense.

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  • go doctor Google...
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  • katiscarlett21: The OP can ask any question she wants and folks can reply any way they want. Though truthfully, and regrettably, no one can tell her if she is pregnant. 

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  • i will never understand why women ask the internet if they are pregnant! when i THOUGHT i might be pregnant i did what i thought made sense, took a home pregnancy test! got my answer, then joined the bump.
    there will be women who share all the same symptoms as you who are pregnant, and some women who share none of your symptoms who are also pregnant. the internet shouldn't be used to diagnose anything.  there is lots of misinformation out there.  good luck!

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  • awc1986awc1986
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    People who get upset on behalf of others when questions like this get asked seriously need to strap on a pair. Sorry, but it is a stupid question! No doubt about it! The bump is a really supportive place, but some people really should think before they post things.



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