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Hi, I'm new to the area and looking to get established with an OB/GYN.  I have no preference of Avera vs. Sanford, but would prefer a male doctor.  I don't believe that Avera has any male drs.

I am interested in Dr. Dean Madison. Has anyone seen him?



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  • I live in Mitchell and I see Dr Krause. He is simply amazing! I would drive from Rapid City to see him if I had to!  He just rocks and I have always actually preferred a female doctor until I saw him.  He just makes you feel so at ease and he knows what he is talking about.  Once during a prenatal appt, I had so many questions (it was my first baby) and he sat with me for 30 minutes answering each and every one in detail, without making me feel rushed.  And yet I was never waiting too long for any of my appointments either because I am sure I am not the only one he talked to like that.  The nurses and other staff there are awesome as well.  So ya you should look em up!
  • My OB at Avera is female but I use a male Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor there as well, Doctor Heddleston.

    I did my infertility treatments at Sanford and was not impressed with their billing/business office --when I met with their OB and toured their birth center I was equally unimpressed and so I switched to Avera and have been nothing but estatic.

    For me I chose the hospital first, doctor second --realising that it may or may not be my actual OB on-call who does the delivery anyway.

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  • I went with Dr Mary Mierhenry at Independant Womens care she can deliver at both hospitals. She is pretty darn amazing
  • Dr. Gilbert English is with Avera and he is wonderful! Very good about listening to your concerns and doing the labor and delivery how you want.
  • Dr Uhing at avera! I just had my first baby on 9/4 and I love her!!!
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