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1st Trimester

How long to wait

How late were you before you decided to take a test? Was it positive? To call the doctors office?

Re: How long to wait

  • I was about a week late when I tested.

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  • I tested 6 days before my missed period and got a BFP on first response and clear blue digital. Test now. Good luck :-)
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  • I tested on Monday Sept 2nd and got a negative.  Then I tested on Sunday the 8th and got a positive.  The first day of my last period was Aug 13, so I was expecting my period on/around the 13th. 
  • I tested on due date with a clearblue digi. It came up positive straight away
  • DD = a full month late. She was a surprise.

    DS= 4 days before my supposed period was to start.

    When in doubt take an HPT.
    - Use Pink Dye
    - Read the directions
    - Follow the directions
    - don't look at the test after the time limit has elapsed.

    Good luck. You don't need to waste a co-pay, or your doctor's time until you reach 60 days (medical standard) without a positive HPT or your period.

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  • i tested 4 days after AF was due and got an immediate positive. 



    09/23/11 - Married DH

    04/01/13 - BFP at 4wks

    05/30/13 - MMC - BO @ 12wks 5d

    08/29/13 - BFP @ 4wks 4d

    09/17/13 - 7wks 2d - Normal HB Detected! Baby measuring perfect for dates and positioning!  

    10/23/13 - 12wks 3d - Perfect NT scan! HB 167 & baby wriggling, waving & yawning!

    12/17/13 - 20wks 2 d - We're having a beautiful baby girl! Go Team Pink!

    05/03/14 - Bobbie Gloria was born at 39+6 weighing 6lb 14oz!

  • I tested when I was about 2 days late.  I actually thought it would be negative, because I had pretty bad "PMS" symptoms (which I guess were actually my first pregnancy symptoms).  I didn't believe it, so I tested again about a week later and it was definitely positive.  However, I did use the early detection test.
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