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What are you /mamas doing to relax & unwind?

Its just me and My beautiful 6wk old (singlemommy)  so things are crzy!! But Ive been going to meditation class once a week and I meet with my friends for wine at their homes with baby!
Next week Im going to get a haircut :)

Re: Relaxing

  • please dont take this the wrong way but I did a major  8-| at you for having wine nights at your friends' house with the baby...why are they not coming to you? I personally wouldnt feel comfortable to drive even after just one glass of wine, with a baby.

  • Good for you getting out there! Its good to get out of the house. I've been taking baby for walks during the day and a bubble bath for me after he goes to sleep every night to relax. During nighttime feedings I read my book so as not to fully wake baby. Do what you enjoy!
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  • docco11 said:

    I personally wouldnt feel comfortable to drive even after just one glass of wine, with a baby.

    As long as you aren't drinking the entire bottle and then getting in the car you are fine. It's common sense and I'm sure you are using it

    I like to take a really hot bath after a long day with baby, that's super relaxing for me. We go to the mall and visit family but to me it's more stressful rather than relaxing.

  • I try to go over to my parents' once a week so DD can hang out with them and I can sit back and relax for a while. I'm still there but it lets someone else entertain her and gives me a much needed break!
  • I'm a single mom too!
    Sometimes I'll nurse my LO, bring her RnP into the bathroom, and take a nice long shower while she sleeps. That, and standing in the sun for a few minutes. It sounds lame, but the sun does wonders for your mood :)


  • I understand your concern. Usually theres food involved and Im there for a long time. I drink alot of water. Before I got pregnant I had a big tolerance so honestly one glass of wine does nothing for me! Im at my mom's house so its nice to have change of scenery and my mom doesnt need to know all my baby daddy drama. I dont want her to be worried about me.She makes a big deal out of small things..
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