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1st Trimester

Just want 1st tri to be over so I can wear maternity clothes!!

It's my third pregnancy so I am already growing and it's not just weight gain because I've actually lost 3.5 lbs since getting my BFP. My pants are so tight all day long that it just adds to my overwhelming nausea. Anyone else feeling like me??


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Re: Just want 1st tri to be over so I can wear maternity clothes!!

  • I may be over doing this but it is my first and I only found out I was prego a week ago but I can not stand having anything pressing on my stomach! I am so ready to wear maternity clothes NOW! Around the house it is baggy sweat pants but that doesn't work at work.
  • This is my third also.  I'm 11 weeks and I busted out the maternity pants about 3 weeks ago.  So much more comfy!  It was either that or unbutton my jeans when I sat down, not fun!  I am tired of the inbetween though, most of my shirts I just look fat in and maternity shirts are still kinda silly.  
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  • Heck, I started wearing maternity pants at 9weeks... the bloat was too much to take... I feel SO MUCH BETTER NOW.. just wear them!!!
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  • Just wear the maternity pants. They are so much more comfortable.
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  • The only thing stopping me from wearing maternity pants already this time is that we haven't announce to by one yet, and I don't want my maternity clothes giving me away!

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  • I'mat 7 and a half weeks and have already cycled 1 pair of maternity jeans into my wardrobe. They are a little big, but my regular jeans don't fit and I can only wear leggings so many days a week. I say go for what is comfortable...there are no rules!

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  • JmeJme said:
    The only thing stopping me from wearing maternity pants already this time is that we haven't announce to by one yet, and I don't want my maternity clothes giving me away!
    I busted out maternity leggings and pants. No one has questioned them or even noticed. I actually had a coworker complement one of my tunics today. She asked where to get it, I casually responded probably at Kohls. She didn't bat an eye.

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  • Considering I wore my pants unzipped and unbuttoned all day....ya I feel you. thank god for long sweaters! I was 7 weeks yesterday but I am very small I'm 4'10 and about 107 lbs...so I feel and look like I have a big stomach already obviously it's all bloat but it's enough to make my pants too tight!
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  • i'm just over 9 weeks and went into maternity pants at the weekend. like everyone else has said, there's no rule saying you have to wait until 2nd tri to go for maternity. I just ordered a load of stuff online too. So what if its just bloat. If it makes me comfy then i'm gonna where them.



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  • Yep super bloated. I just said screw it and broke out my maternity clothes at 10 weeks I couldn't take the tight @ss waistband anymore. Just do it!

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  • I am going to go maternity clothes shopping this weekend because none of my clothes fit! Tight shirts are not cute on a growing belly at 10 weeks. I feel like a fat blob. 
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  • I am 7 weeks and wearing maternity pants to work today.  My bloat is so bad I cannot button most of my works pants.  Why be miserable?!?!  There is no rule about having to be out of the 1st trimester - so bust out those maternity clothes!! 
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  • I busted out my maternity clothes already I am super bloated and just want to be comfortable
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  • I don't think maternity pants are a give away. I wore mine after my first pregnancy just because they were comfortable. I wore them until they fell apart. No one knew what they were because they couldn't see the top of them.

    Go nuts.
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  • Dude, put on the maternity clothes! With my first I showed really early (maybe bloat, but if it was it went right into bump). I was in bella bands by 8 weeks and maternity clothes by 12.

    I really wish I would have just gone into maternity clothes right away. So much more comfortable!

    This time around, I plan to as soon as we announce.
  • Wear 'um! Who cares if it's the 1st tri!


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