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Is it wrong to be upset about this?

My 20 week appointment is coming up and my husband is not going to be there. Hes going to be gone the whole week on a trip and the doctor said the appointment had to be at 20 weeks. He has had the trip planned for a long time maybe even before we knew about the baby. But I am still upset that he won't be there at the moment we find out the gender or to see the last ultrasound. We were not planning on having a baby, surprise! And we defiantly are not planning to have another so I feel like this is the one time we will have this moment and he wont even be there. Its a huge disappointment to me. Is it wrong to feel that way? 

Re: Is it wrong to be upset about this?

  • Although I know it's not what you wanted, you could have the technician put the gender results in a sealed envelope and open it together when your husband is back. There's no reason you have to find out at the appointment itself.

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  • Are they doing the anatomy scan? That's usually at 19-20 weeks. Maybe you have move the appt a bit earlier before hubs leaves town.
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