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1st Trimester

positive or negative?

Took this morning with FM, what do you ladies think?
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Re: positive or negative?

  • Positive, i see a line.. Try a pink dye test though..
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  • I don't trust blue dye. I'd use a pink dye test.

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  • Someone can't read the instructions insert...

    This.  I mean, it does say even a faint line means positive.  I see a faint line.  Take a few more if it would make you feel better.  And call to set up your first prenatal appt.  When was the first day of your LMP?
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  • It's pretty obvious.

  • I agree with PPs that I would test again with a pink dye test as blue ones are known for false positives. Good luck!!
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  • Looks positive but blue dye tests can have evaps. I'd get a pink dye test to be sure.



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  • I see a line. Did you try a pink dye test?
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  • I don't know how to read that never seen t before looks positive?

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  • Dianakdee said:
    I don't know how to read that never seen t before looks positive?
    An a-what-a?

    H e n r y  May 21, 2014

  • Good luck! I used a blue dye test without a problem.. But I agree pink due or the digital ones are better!
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