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Help with Essentials

Ok, I am a first time mom and will be BF and puming for my son as soon as he arrives. Can the Veteran BF'ers tell me what I might need to have on hand that I don't already? Here is my current list of things I have:

Storage Bags
Nursing attire

What else am I missing? I can't imagine having to tell my H to run out in the middle of the night to grab something for me because I forgot all about it. Lord only know what he would come back with!


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Re: Help with Essentials

  • VitaLunaVitaLuna
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    I'd get some breast pads, too.

    ETA: and batteries for your pump (if it has an optional battery pack). Also, a spare set of valves/membranes might be helpful if your pump doesn't already have them. I lost one down the sink at the hospital.



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  • People have given me gel pads for nipple soreness saying they're life savers. FTM here too fwiw.

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  • PP's have given good advice! I just want to caution you against pumping too early. It can easily cause an oversupply and then you will have others problems to deal with. If you can, only BF until your supply is established and your LO has a consistently correct latch. Good luck momma!
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  • I use coconut oil on my nips every time I pump because it's painful for me without. I prefer it to lanolin expect for the first few weeks when lanolin is a godsend!
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  • Mother Love nipple cream sold at Whole Foods saved my nips!!!! AMAZING! It's like butter. <:-P

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  • Thank you everyone!! I am so excited to start this journey!! I appreciate all of your advice! I will be running to the store tonight to stock up! 

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     7/16/2014 @ 7 Weeks 2 days
     2/01/2015 @ 4 Weeks 4 days

  • Also - cleaning supplies for your breast pump/bottle (specifically the bottle brush). I had forgotten about these and DH had no idea what I was talking about when I tried to describe them!
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