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HELP! I'm sick and have a 2 week old, I'm BF

Yesterday I came down with a BAD sore throat, later got body aches. I've been trying home remedies to ease pain, but I have gotten little relief. I'm VERY afraid to pass this on to my 2 week old...I've continued to breastfeed but my heart would break if he got a sore throat...and how would I know?? HELP!!
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Re: HELP! I'm sick and have a 2 week old, I'm BF

  • The best way to protect him from catching it is to continue to nurse frequently.
  • Yes keep nursing! And drink tons of fluids.
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  • I am also sick my DS is 10 weeks, and he has caught whatever I have, I took him to the pediatrician today and he said that it is normal for babies to get a cold once a month this time of year. Try to stay away from meds that will pass through your breast milk!  
  • Agree with pp, I got a cold the morning after delivery and the lactation specialist told me to continue to pass on antibodies and to just be extra careful with hand washing, coughing and sneezing.

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