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Hypemesis and termination update

I'm sure you all remember my last post. I have severe hyperemesis and my ob suggested termination to keep myself healthy. Update , we obviously didn't even consider aborting even when I was lifeless with low vitals. I spent a week in the hospital and found a cocktail of meds that have helped a bit. I am currently at home with a zofran pump a phenergan pump and IV fluids through a picc line running around the clock. I have an at home nurse who comes often. I am able to eat a little and move fom the bed to the couch which is a huge leap! I'm on disability but hoping I continue to ge better. We're a little worried about a possible infection near the picc which would mean it has to be removed fingers crossed it doesn't. On an unrelated note my 12 month old is officially a walker , here's a pic of her cuteness!
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Re: Hypemesis and termination update

  • Auto correct on my title sorry!!! Hyperemesis!
  • That's wonderful news. I'm so glad you were able to find something that helps. Hopefully it'll continue I get better.
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  • Awesome!! I was wondering about you!!!
  • Glad you are doing a bit better! Your little one is beautiful!

  • Glad to hear things are slowly getting better! Hope you continue to improve.
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  • I'm so glad you found some meds that are working for you!
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  • Glad to hear you are doing better.  I hope you continue to improve.

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  • Glad you're doing better!
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  • so glad you are doing better! 
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  • So glad to hear you are feeling better!
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  • I was wondering! I am so glad you are doing better!!

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  • a.) that pic of your DD is gorgeous

    b.) So glad to hear that you are slowly improving.  I hope things continue to get better!

    c.) Keep up with the updates! 

  • so glad you're feeling better
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  • This post makes me so happy for you! I'm so sorry for what you've had to go through, and the careless comments you had to read before. Really glad for you to have found a treatment that is working better! Hope you get more needed relief soon :)
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    Grow, little one, grow!

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  • I'm so glad you are doing better! Prayers the line doesn't become infected.
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  • I have also been waiting for an update. So happy to hear that your health is improving! Keep resting and get healthy for your babies. Congrats on your walker!!
  • So glad u r doing better!
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  • So happy to hear you are feeling better!! T & P's to you. 
  • I hope you continue to improve!
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    ~RPL testing results from 12/6/13 show everything normal except elevated prolactin. Blood work is now in the normal range. All AL welcome!
  • I must have missed the first post but I'm happy to hear you're doing better. I hope the positive progress continues! Hang in there!


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  • So happy to hear that you have had some improvement in your health and have the support you need!
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  • Thank you for the update! So glad to hear you are doing better. And your daughter is just adorable! What a perfect little beauty. :)
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  • Glad you are feeling a little better!
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  • Glad things are getting better for you!

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  • Glad you are feeling somewhat better!!
  • Lurking from s12, just wanted you to know I had a picc line,fluids,and zofran pump when pregnant with my twins. It really helped me out a lot. It ended up being pulled for mrsa/and a huge clot. If you ever want to chat with someone who has been through it(both pregnancies) page me. Hope you line and pump are just what you need.

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  • So happy to hear your news! Keep fighting mama!
  • So glad to hear you're doing a little better and that you and the baby are still fighting! Hang in there! I'll be thinking of you!
  • So glad you're feeling better!
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  • Yay. I'm glad that you've found something that is helping. My fingers crossed that you continue to improve.
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  • Thanks for updating us! Glad you're doing better and hopefully things will continue to look up. T&P for you and your little ones.

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  • I'm so happy to hear things have improved!  Hope you continue to feel better!!!
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  • This is such good news!  I'm so happy for you.  Continued prayers for a healthy mama!

  • Awesome news!! Hope things continue to improve!! Your LO is adorable btw :)
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  • So glad to see you're doing better!!
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  • So so glad you are feeling better!!!
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  • Great news, so glad you're doing better!

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