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Uneven swelling?

I think others have posted about this issue in the past, but I looked back a few pages and couldn't find anything. I thought I might get lucky and get away with no swollen ankles... but yesterday and this morning, my right ankle is swollen right around the round bone on the side and it is pretty tender. I sat last night with my foot elevated and a bag of frozen veggies resting on it but this morning it seems just as bad :(

Anyone tried compression stockings and found them helpful? Any other suggestions? I have to walk around at work today but I'm going to try and elevate my foot whenever I can. It's just getting pretty uncomfortable.

Also... anyone else having swelling on just one side? I feel like a lopsided marshmallow!

Re: Uneven swelling?

  • I would mention it to your doctor. I have the same issue with my left side swelling much more than my right and my doctor said it could possibly be an issue with blood clots if there is pain associated...I do not have any pain with mine so she said it was normal. Not trying to make a big dea out of something that is probably nothing but just letting you know what she said! Good luck!!!
  • Agree.. Tell your doctor.. They likely will say it's nothing, but it is something they should be aware of!
  • I had posted that my left side was swollen, but I also didn't have any pain. I would definitely discuss it with your ob.

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  • No headaches or dizziness, or any symptoms really besides being tired (which is standard these days!)

    My ankle is only slightly swollen - you kind of have to look closely to see it - but it is tender right on that round ankle bone when I walk. The rest of my calf feels fine and is not swollen, there's no discoloration or pins and needles, etc.

    I suspect I'm probably fine, I'm not super worried about it - more so just wish it would go away!
  • I might give the doctor a call. I think typically the left side swells a little more because your heart is on that side. At least that's what I've heard, and it's always been my experience.my swelling never leads to tenderness either. Hope you feel better soon.

  • I had swelling in my left ankle and foot on Saturday after a morning walk. This was my first swelling experience. It went away after I elevated it and iced it though, and I haven't seen it again even though I was on my feel all day Saturday. I'd say just take it easy and drink lots of fluids - if it doesn't ease up, call the doctor.
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  • How much swelling?  Like zero on your L side and a ton on your R?  If your right side is marginally more swollen than the left, it's likely due to how your uterus is positioned and how your LO is laying.  My OB told me that it's common for more swelling to occur on the R side due to how the organs shift later in pregnancy.

    But if we are talking that your ankle/leg is ballooned up and your other side is completely fine, I'd call to make sure there's no possibility of a blood clot.

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  • I swell much more on my left than my right. While I should (and do suggest) bring it up with my doc, I keep forgetting to. It's probably nothing to worry about, but always good to mention it just in case.

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  • I seem to have zero swelling on my left side, and just a little bit on the right side. Like I said in an earlier post you have to look closely to notice it. The annoying part is more that it's tender when I walk because the swelling seems to have aggravated the joint in my ankle.
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