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Baby's development...

I just looked at the video monitor and LO had her legs in the air and was grabbing both her feet with her hands. She has never even attempted to do this before and here she was seemingly having mastered the skill.

Have you ever noticed a "skill" your LO started doing out of nowhere? Baby development is so neat!! It's too bad I go back to work next week, just when LO seems to picking up new tricks everyday...

Re: Baby's development...

  • My LO has started grabbing at his feet on the changing table. It's so cute, he also has started trying to hold the bottle when we give him one on rare occasions.
  • Yesterday while playing my LO could only lie on her back and play and never attempted anything else. Today she's doing all she can to roll on her sides, flail her legs and attempt to go over. She isn't quite there yet though lol

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