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Question for EPers:

Do you have a consistent or somewhat regular yield for each of your pumping sessions throughout the day?

For example: do you generally get the same amount everyday at yor Noon pump?

I'm noticing I get a pretty consistent total day yield, but nothing consistent in regards to the time.
Some days I have high yield mornings other days my higher yields are in the afternoon...

I'm hoping to cut back on at least 1 pumping session but I have no idea which to cut out because of this...
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Re: Question for EPers:

  • I do - I pump on a pretty regimented schedule, and the output is incredibly consistent, now that my supply is well-established. If it were me, I would just drop a session towards the end of the day, since that's when output is lowest, in general.
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  • Same here. I do 6 pumps a day 7am, 10, 1p, 4, 7, 11 roughly. I get the most in the morning. If something comes up I'll cut the 4 or 7 and usually be ok. My first pump I get 10+oz which enough for two bottles and a little extra for his oatmeal. 10am I get about 6 which is a bottle and 1.5 extra (he takes 4.5oz bottles). The rest of my pumps are about 4-4.5 and that little extra I use to cap off any short comings. My 11pm pump I take anything left over and pump so I have a 2.5oz bottle for MOTN (starting to try and ween) then a full bottle for first thing in the morning. Some days he'll skip a bottle and that extra bottles worth gets frozen. (I work in project management and live on spread sheets. Can you tell?)
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