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There are stupid questions...

MH (while standing over leftover shower cake):  "What are you going to do with this cake"

ME:  Eat it.


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Re: There are stupid questions...

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    He licked me! I can't believe he did that. Oh, how I love my hubby!!

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  • That would have elicited a "are you serious?" look from me for sure. I wouldn't have responded to that question. I simply would have picked up a piece of said cake - and took a bite. I'm all for visual learning.
  • Me: (with one raised eyebrow) Srsly?

    Perhaps I should've graciously accepted the offers for a shower solely for the cake.
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  • I would have said, I'm eating it and definitely don't plan on sharing!


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  • DH went into the drug store to pick up milk, came out with a bag of candy, none of which I like... Luckily, my teeth hurt too bad for me to care, I ate ice cream later. He felt bad when he realized I had eaten the ROLOs from 3 weeks ago already. I would have no issue devouring left over cake.
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