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Lankenau and C sections


I am 12 weeks along and chose Lankenau for the birth.  At my first visit I was very happy with my Doc (Dr. Utberg), but since then I've heard how Lankenau is considered C-section haven (rates about 40% for all births.  Pennsy is less than 30%).  I do NOT want a C-section unless absolutely necessary, and this has me considering switching practices/hospitals.  

 Any thoughts out there?  If you did deliver at Lankenau, how was your experience?   


Re: Lankenau and C sections

  • I have never heard that about Lankenau.  I have actually never heard any negative reviews.  I didn't deliver my first two there because we lived in the city, but now that we are in the burbs, I chose Lankenau over Bryn Mawr after looking into

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  • I actually had 2 c/s at Lankenau. I was like you, I did NOT want a c at all. I actually cried horribly when I was told I'd need to have one. (My sons heart stopped every time I pushed.) The truth of the matter is I think many included in that rate, such a
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  • I had my son at Lankenau via c-section.   I loved the hospital, my doctor and the nurses.  LO was an emergency c-section with zero labor involved.  As much as I did not want a c-section, I wanted a healthy baby and would do it all over
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  • I actually had Ufberg for an OB AND I had a csection only bc my son never flipped.... If he would have flipped, I know 110 that Ufberg would've gone with whatever birth plan I was determined to do. He was a PHENOMINAL OB and my husband REALLY liked him to
  • I did have a c-section at Lankenau but am incredibly grateful I listened to my doctor's advice and had one because it turned out my son was wrapped up in the cord and it would've been an emergency had I tried a vaginal delivery. The reason they have a hig
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  • Thank you for all the feedback!  I'm much more settled now :)
  • I have had two unplanned sections at Lankenau.  I am not surprised that it has a high rate.  I am sure a lot of people will have different opinions as to why but in my experience, it is because the docs feel more comfortable with situations t

  • I went through a 3 day induction but successfully delivered my daughter vaginally on day 3.  If the medication did not ripen my cervix on the 3rd day, they were planning on a c-section but honestly tried EVERYTHING possible for it to be a last resort.  Luckily on the third day I finally started dilating and did not have to have a c-section. 
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