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When do 1st time mom's start to 'show' usually?

I am at 13 1/2 weeks, and for the last week or so I've definitely had a belly sticking out. I don't FEEL very bloated, although I realize it could be that....or is it the hormone I recently read about, "relaxin", that has relaxed my ab muscles and made me "pooch out"....or is it the actual "baby bump"??  I'm just curious.....right now I'm thinking it's more the first two reasons than the last one. I'm assuming I'll know the difference when I actually start popping out?

Re: When do 1st time mom's start to 'show' usually?

  • Around 18 weeks for me.

  • For my first, I was about 22 weeks when it really started looking like an official bump.
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  • Good to know ladies, thanks! I did think it was too early for me to truly be showing but it's hilarious (and kinda sad, haha) how much it looks like a pregnant belly sticking out when I look in the mirror. Other people haven't really noticed it though.
  • I started to show around 14 weeks, but at that point looking back I just looked kind of fat.

    I really had a  bump that you could tell was a baby bump more around 20 weeks.


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  • 18 weeks for me with my last pregnancy

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  • I felt like I was showing aroung 16 weeks, but strangers didn't start to comment on it til I was 24 weeks. I guess that's when it became bump-ish enough for them to be confident that it wasn'tjust me. :)

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  • I was around 17-18 weeks when I started to show with my first. At 13 weeks its probably still bloat.



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  • It depends on your size. My daughter started showing at conception, lol. 5'3" and barely 100 pounds. It's been different for me each pregnancy, but I'm talk and can hide it longer. My boobs will give me away long before my belly....unless that is where the baby is cuz they are ginormous right now.

  • The day I hit 16 weeks! I woke up and there was a little bump! I'm 18 weeks on Monday and its definitely more noticeable now.
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  • With my first I had a baby bump after 23w. I didn't wear maternity pants until I was 20w, and even then I just looked thick.
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  • I have a short torso, so with my first pregnancy I was showing early..14 weeks.  This time, my boobs are already enormous, but I'm not showing yet.  I'm anxious to see if I'll show at the same time or earlier.  They say, the more you have, the earlier you show each time.  I'm not sure if that's try or not.
  • 20 - 25 weeks with both I think.  Maybe very slightly earlier with #2.
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  • I am 10 weeks and my husband and I can tell that OMG my stomach isn't wash board flat anymore. I feel and look so bloated. 
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  • Around 4-5 months for me

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  • Between 16 and 18 weeks is when I started to show with my first.
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  • I could tell around 17 or 18 weeks with DD but nobody else noticed until I was 38 weeks. :( I was pretty small but at the time I just wanted SOMEONE to notice.
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