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Cluster feeding

I just began my first cluster feeding from 6pm last night and it's still going. How long will this go on for?
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Re: Cluster feeding

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    She is 12 days old. And she has been feeding for 20-30 minutes every hour. I'm exhausted. By the time I do a diaper check and get her down, she is mouthing for a boob. We had weight issues early on, so I like to feed her when she cues. She is eyes closed during feedings, so I can assume she sucks while she sleeps. I wish I could join her...
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  • My LO is 3 weeks old and the first time he cluster fed it only lasted about 24 hours. I am right there with you though. It was absolutely exhausting. He was also still in the NICU while this was happening (he was born at 34 weeks), so it was impossible for me to get any rest. I literally had to wait by his crib for him until he was ready to eat. After that first day, he then went back to longer more spaced out feedings. I'm pretty sure he just hit a growth spurt also b/c now he seems to have a few hours where he still cluster feeds at night, but it usually only lasts until morning.  

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  • So there may be hope. Thanks. I think I just needed light at the end of the tunnel. It has been one hell of a trip bfing. I know it will be all worth it in the end. Sleeping doesn't feel good when she just wants more in 10 minutes.
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  • I agree I was there and it was soooo hard!! Now when LO nurses in 10 minutes I can't believe it! He used to nurse for an hour and  half.  I remember one day he literally nursed for 12 hours with only a 2 hour sleep in there.  It gets better!!! 
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