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Blood in stool

My LO is EBF. Anyone know of reasons for blood in stool other than food intolerances? He is 5.5 months and had a couple specks in his stool earlier. He is otherwise his same happy self!

Re: Blood in stool

  • one-time specks is no big deal-- could be from a zillion different sources-- poop does pass through the body before it exits.  If it is a lot of blood, or the specks are happening regularly, then call your pedi.


  • I agree with PPs there are a variety of reasons.  Most common is straining.  LO will get a small tear and some blood in the stools.  My LO had MSPI and was diagnosed at 4 weeks.  For her the signs were obvious.  Her poops were full of mucous and lots of blood.  I would keep an eye on it just to be on the safe side.  If you see more blood and frequent blood then call the pedi.

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