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Feeling discouraged

My nipples are killing me. When he is eating he pulls and tugs sometimes. It kills. And it's like he isn't ever satisfied. When I pump and feed him he drinks almost 4oz and does great

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  • How old is your LO?
  • 3 weeks today
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  • Does he pull and tug through the entire feed? If it's just the beginning he could be frustrated at the lack of flow (until you let down). I'd hold off on bottles for now because he may be developing a flow preference. Do you pace bottle feeding? And I think 4 oz is too much for a 3 week old

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  • I agree with PP look up paced feeding also they are growing so much in those first 6 weeks so its pretty normal to spend a lot of time on the boob! It will get better though!! 
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  • 3 weeks is also a really big growth spurt.  I'd hold off on the bottles and just nurse, nurse, nurse (assuming LO's diaper output is okay.)
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  • You can try a sheild to get through the pain. I've been using it for almost 2 week (dd is 2 weeks tomorrow, started it on day 4), but I'm not sure if its starting to cause us some other issues. You could use it for a couple of nursing sessions a day and not for others if your LO will go along with that!
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  • It sounds like what you are experiencing is normal.  Honestly, my nipples hurt until around 6 weeks.  The initial latch was extremely painful and nursing was OK.  I remember when LO would unlatch during a feed I would get so frustrated because re-latching hurt so bad. It is a huge adjustment and it is normal to be sore.  Around 6 weeks everything clicked and the pain/soreness started to go away.  I would avoid the bottles right now if you can or only do 1 bottle a day.  Around 4 weeks I introduced 1 bottle a day as I was going back to work at 6 weeks postpartum.  My H was able to feed LO the bottle, which he liked, and it let me get a bit more rest at night.
    BF is hard in the beginning but it does get better with time. Hang in there!

  • Is your LO latching OK? What helped me was seeing an LC. She was able to help me get my baby onto a good latch as she would tug and what felt like she would bite me. It was all because her latch was horrible. She would pinch rather than open her mouth for a comfortable latch. In the beginning, it definitely hurt and was frustrating, but just hang in there! It really does get better and easier. If your nipples are sore, a great way to heal them is just to express a little milk and rub it into the nipple. BM healed mine amazingly! Didn't have to use any other creams. Good luck!

  • My LO used to flick my nipple in her mouth and that hurt like a mother!  She finally stopped doing that around 4 months or so.  I second a shield for now and lots of nipple cream after.  I love Motherlove Herbal Nipple Cream!  That helped so much with the pain.
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  • I wouldn't use a shield unless instructed by an LC. It can lead to other issues & be difficult to wean from. Go see an IBCLC to get the latch checked & check for a tongue or lip tie.

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