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Snapping Pain

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Hi there I'm 6 weeks pregnant with my first baby.
I had excruciating pain last week whilst in work I can only describe it as an elastic band snapping in my lower tum an have had constant period pain since I found out is this normal?

Re: Snapping Pain

  • The period pain you're referring to is just the feeling of your uterus stretching, that's cramping.. Totally normal and definitely not actually period pain. The snapping sensation is round ligament pain, I never had the snapping feeling but I hear of plenty of women describe it exactly that way.
    Sounds pretty normal to me! Try not to worry much about either of these things unless they're accompanied by bleeding.
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  • Agree with PP.  I've had both those feelings with my previous pregnancy, and so far again with this one.  Nothing to worry about.

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