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Should I quit my am pump?

So I guess I have developed an oversupply in the mornings. I ended up getting such an oversupply I could pump before lo ate and he'd still have enough.

If he ate in the middle of the night, I was to feed him off that same side in the am without issue. Now that he's sttn both are engorged. :(

This morning my breast felt a little enogorged... But not as bad as my other one so I fed him off the breast. And OH MY GOODNESS!! He spit up more than you'd believe. Ounces upon ounces came spewing out of this kid. He was soaked, I was soaked, my chair was soaked and a couple of burp cloths were soaked too. It was awful. I had to yell for help from my sleeping DH.

Anyways, since morning feedings are such a pain and I have a decent freezer stash.. Should I just stop these pump sessions? And maybe my body will regulate and not produce as much?!

Also, he doesn't spit up much when he takes bottles, but always spits up with me! (Sometimes less amounts, but always atleast a little bit).

Part of me wonders if being an EP would be best? But the other part thinks it would be a pain!

Help! (And thanks for getting through all that!)

Re: Should I quit my am pump?

  • @andreab7412

    Thank you! Everything you said is very helpful. I can quit my am pump but I work 4 days a week, so i will have to pump then.

    Are you still having to pop your baby off to caught your letdown? Or does that get better with time too?
  • definitely stop your morning pump. and if you still have oversupply issue, just pump the number of ounces to replace what he eats when you are at work.

    once I got my oversupply under control, the spitting up got a lot better-- definitely try that first rather than EP-- I think you can overcome your current challenges. 



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  • Pumping at work has definitely made my oversupply worse and I think it would have regulated by now if I was at home and nursing.  I'm dropping a pump starting today to see if I can stop freezing 6-10 oz everyday on top of what I leave for her to eat each day.

  • So I tried popping him off and no milk sprayed out... So does this mean I don't have an over active letdown?

    I don't usually feel the letdown either. Sometimes when it's been a while I feel a sensation -- which I imagine is a letdown but I don't really leak or anything. But I don't get this sensation during a feeding / pumping session.
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