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**3rd Tri Check In**

This check-in is for ladies in the third tri. LMK if you want to be added. 

NDGORISH 3-Sep Twins-???
Juicy71 4-Sep Girl
Red Lucia 4-Sep ???
afsalinas 24-Sep Team Green
Luvboston 4-Oct Girl
JewelsW1980 12-Oct Boy
ashleymarie512 13-Oct Girl
conradtn 13-Oct Girl
Julie21613 14-Oct Girl
asilwhite 14-Oct Boy
jeannaqueena 15-Oct Boy
Gr8te 24-Oct Boy
Dahliaflower 23-Oct Boy
Citygirl1015  26-Oct Girl
Lynnyloo 27-Oct Girl
CousinVicki 27-Oct Boy
Bluek210 28-Oct Boy
Christie+n+Andy  30-Oct Twin Boys
MrsChop 6-Nov Boy/Girl Twins
Neffanie 6-Nov Girl
Myshaybaby 14-Nov Twin Girls
RMJohns92 14-Nov Twin Boys
JessandJeremy 15-Nov Girl
PurplePanda 2-Dec Girl
Melkel559 10-Dec Boy

1. Updates?
2. QOTW: Least and Favorite parts of your pregnancy.

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Re: **3rd Tri Check In**

  • 1. Updates? I had my OB appointment on Tuesday.  Since I was still measuring small on the outside they had me go for an ultrasound yesterday.  Since the u/s was with a tech (not my doctor) I have to wait to hear back from my doctor today.  The tech doesn't really give away too much info, but she seemed to be doing well in there - kicking like a crazy woman!  The tech said she looks to be weighing 2 lbs 10 oz (give or take), but I am not sure if that is where she should be at 29/30 weeks (i have always measured about 1 week behind by due date).  

    Baby is currently in the breech position, but has plenty of time to move.  I asked for them to double check the sex, but baby wasn't cooperating for that, so I will just have to assume they were correct the first time!

    2. QOTW: Least and Favorite parts of your pregnancy. Least favorite part is the worry - throughout the pregnancy I have constantly worried that something will go wrong or has gone wrong, even though things have been pretty uneventful until now.  

    Favorite part is the kicks!  I love the time when I am alone and I feel her kick - it is a special time which the two of us share.

    TTC #1** Went off BCP July 2011

    Me: 31 DH:31

    Jan 2012 Dx PCOS by OB/Gyn

    July 2012 - Tests with RE confirmed PCOS and annovulation

    2 rounds of clomid, 5 IUI's using clomid + injectibles. 

    Surprise BFP while on break cycle due to cysts.  It's a girl! Baby "E" born on Thanksgiving Day 11/28/13

  • CousinVickiCousinVicki
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    1) having weekly NST's , everything looks perfect so far but found out baby flipped back to breech yesterday ugh. i know still time but not much!   def. getting nervous about this!

    2) least favorite:  this pregnancy has been  much more achey and painful.  my hips and back are out of control !   most favorite: being able to watch DS #1 get SO excited about his future brother.

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  • 1) Updates: 37 week appointment went well. GBS negative, he's head down, BP is good. If he's still baking at 40 weeks I'll go in for NST scans 2x a week. I've been having a lot of BH lately that are messing with my head a bit and I "think" I may have lost part of my mucus plug this week but I'm really not sure

    2) QOTW: 

    Least favorite part of pregnancy: Probably the lack of sleep I've been getting throughout. Whether it's insomnia, or getting up because I have to pee all the time or my hips hurt and I need to change positions, I'm just not sleeping well. I guess it's practice for when he gets here, but really all I want is to sleep through the night again!

    Most favorite: Definitely the movement. I absolutely love it, even when he kicks a rib or moves into an uncomfortable position, I cherish every moment of it. 

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    DS born on 9/30/13 from IVF #1.2!
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  • Updates-
    Last appointment went fairly well, his measurements went down which were a little odd but I'm writing it off that he shifted head & face down (hopefully), GBS was a negative, BP was a tad high so I'm watching that, he is VERY active and I'm dying to meet him.  I go back on Monday and I wish they'd u/s me so I could see him again.
    Least has got to be swelling.  It's in my face now and it's been awful in my legs and feet.  I kinda miss sleep too but that's just prep.
    Favorite has to be feeling him move all the time and listening to my DH talk to him.  Yesterday was the first day DH told him that he was tired of talking to him through my tummy. HA!  We're just ready!!!

    Me- 32, DH- 32- TTC for 4 Years
    IUIs 1-6 BFN
    IVF #1= BFP- M/C
    FET- Beta#1: 69, #2: 482, #3: 1088, #4: 28,318, Ultrasound- 1 beautiful heartbeat
    It's a boy!

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  • Update: not too much going on, I have my 30 week appt on Tues.

    Q: my least favorite part has been the lack of sleep and my moodiness..sure that one is related to the other but I have felt so much more b!tchy and emotional these past couple of weeks and I hate it! Favorite is def the movement like everyone is saying. It blows my mind that I have a living being growing inside of me. It's such a gift and I cherish every kick, punch and flip.
    TTC since June 2011
    DX: DH (30) severe MFI, severely low count & low motility
    Me (32): all clear
    Appt with Urologist 5/21/12: exam, ultrasound, bloodwork all normal.
    Testicular Biopsy with TESE on 6/8/12. good sperm found! (left side only) froze sperm, failed thaw test :(
    Orientation for IVF/ICSI on 6/13/12. Waiting for the green light following biopsy results...results show adequate sperm production both sides.
    2nd SA 6/18/12: sample is "adequate for ICSI"
    Plan: IVF/ICSI July 2012!
    ER: 7/26/12. 15 eggs retrieved, all mature.
    TESE/TESA/aspiration from epididymis, no motile sperm found :(
    froze all eggs, the saga of praying for good sperm continues.
    8/3/12: 2nd opinion from MFI uro on biopsy slides. Suspects "partial late maturation arrest."
    Plan: more SAs, third biopsy/TESE with frozen back-up either from DH or DS.
    SA 8/17/12: Zero sperm
    SA 8/23/12: Zero sperm
    9/26/12: SPERM FOUND! 15 eggs thawed, 12 survived and were ICSI'd, only 3 fertilized normally. Refrozen as embies and will thaw in Nov. Please survive and grow!
    All 3 survived the thaw on 11/15/12!
    FET 11/17/12: transferred 2, one 4B, one 4C. Beta 11/30:BFFN
    moving on to DS
    DIUI#1 2/18/13,50mg Clomid cd 3-7, Ovidrel trigger, Beta 3/4/13: BFN.
    DIUI#2 3/19/13, 50 mg Clomid cd 3-7, Ovidrel trigger, Beta #1 (14dpiui) 4/2/13: BFP!!!! 150. Beta #2 4/4/13: 420 Beta #3 4/8/13: 2691. Beta #4 4/15/13: 15,086
    1st u/s 4/8/13 shows one gestational sac
    2nd u/s 4/15/13 shows yolk sac, fetal pole and early heartbeat
    3rd u/s 4/25/13: measuring right on track. Heart rate 148 bpm
    A/S 7/22/13: IT'S A BOY!!
    PAIF/SAIF Always Welcome
    [IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/2qmon5u.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i225.photobucket.com/albums/dd243/laurakat24/turkeybaster-1.jpg"[/IMG]Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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  • Could I be added please?  I'm due on 12/12 with twins.  We're Team Green, but they will either be B/B or G/G.

    Updates:  I'm 29 weeks (almost to 30 weeks, which has been one of my mental goals!)  I do not have gestational diabetes, although the glucose drink did send both babies into a frenzy of crazy movements all day -- even more movement than normal.

    I have another MFM appointment next week out of town, and I'll see if he wants to start seeing me more often than the 2-3 weeks we have been doing.  Hopefully my cervix is still staying steady and their growth discrepancy hasn't gotten any worse.  My OB said that their fluid levels looked good this week, although he doesn't take size measurements of the babies.

    QOTW: Least favorite part is all the stress and worry, especially with having higher risk mo-di twins.  I'm not sure I've really bonded with the babies because I've been so worried.  The physical demands of a twin pregnancy and all of the activity restrictions haven't been easy or fun, but I've made it this far! 
    As for the best part, I agree that feeling both of their movements has been really neat (and has helped my anxiety).  I feel like I've also gotten to enjoy the pregnancy more now that we are at a point that they could survive if born.
    Married 8/2008. IVF with PGD March 2013.
    3/22 ER: 25R, 20M, 15F. 9 genetically normal, and 3 survived to Day 5
    3/27 ET: transferred 1 embryo, beta 9dp5dt=163, 12dp5dt=639
    4/25 1st ultrasound at 7 weeks = identical twins with heartbeats?!!!
    PPROM at 31w, delivery at 32 weeks of two beautiful girls
  • Updates:  Had my 2nd BPP & NST of the week.  My fluid levels are still low but are holding steady and other then the low fluid, Baby girl passed the BPP with flying colors and also did exactly what she was supposed to do and more.  I go back Monday for another BPP & NST.  Twice weekly now.

    2. QOTW: Least and Favorite parts of your pregnancy:  Least favorite is the heartburn and hemorroids.  Also the sleeplessness.  My favorite has been, hands down feeling her moving and my husband rubbing my belly and telling her how much he loves her.  Melts my heart
    Me 35, DH 36
    TTC summer 2008
    Diagnose me. DOR, DH perfect
    IUI # 1 6/2010, BFN
    IUI # 2 8/2010, BFN
    IVF # 1 10/2010 Canceled poor response
    IVF 1.2 12/2010 BFP! mc 6 weeks 2 days
    Mental health break for 10 months
    IVF # 2 10/2011 BFN
    IVF # 3 5/2012 BFP! 10 eggs retrieved (best ever)
    7 fertilized transferred 3
    Beta #1 14dpo - 72, Beta #2 17dpo 145 Beta 3 20dpo 521
    First u/s June 15 saw HB 126 bpm missed m/c 7/5/12 10 weeks D&C 7/6/12
    IVF#4 ER 9/30 ET 10/3 Beta 10/16 BFFN. IVF #5 final with o/e. ER 1/21 only 1 retrieved, hoping my lonestar is the one. Beta #1 2/6/13 = 209.... please let this be it! Keep growing lonestar! Beta #2 2/8/13 - 586! , Beta #3 2/10/13 = 1898. First u/s perfect little heart beat at 116 bpm. Measure 6 weeks 1 day. EDD 10/14/13
    3/4/13 measuring right on track beautiful heartbeat 171 bpm, graduated from RE to OB... bittersweet.
    PAIF/SAIF always welcome! Its a girl! 

    Maggie Grace is here!  10/5/13... 8lbs 6 ounces of pure joy!

    TTC#2  No birth control since DD was born.  Getting ready to jump back in the saddle.  Weaning this month. RE
    appt scheduled 5/8.   Here we go again!

    IFV# 6.  10/27  6 retrieved 4 mature 3 fertilized.  2 made it to 3dt 10/30. 1"very pretty 8 cell" and 1 6 cell.  Beta
    11/13.   Please stick embies!!!!  We love you so much already! 11/12/14  POAS, BFP... beta tomorrow!
    11/13 beta #1  924!!!  2nd bet 11/15 1906, one more on 11/17 3rd & final beta 3430.  First u/s 12/5, 7w4d, 2 heartbeats,
    both measuring right on track....2nd u/s... all is well... both beans measuring right on track... released from RE... first
    appointment with MFM 1/5.  Looks like this is really happening!

  • (Sorry in advance for lack of paragraphs, dumb iPad). Updates: Monday we will have an u/s and put a c/s date on the calendar!! We are trying for a VBAC up until that date, the real issue is his size bc I have gestational diabetes and she won't induce me. Anyway I am just excited to have an end date, is anyone else feeling like this has lasted forever!!!! My least fav part has been the worry: SCH then preterm labor and then GD. My favorite part is being pg again finally!! So happy we are having this baby!
    TTC#1: 14 months on our own (did HSG, b/w, SA);
    BFP on Cycle 14--TWINS! Identical twin boys stillborn at 19wks(1/9/10)
    3 break cycles; took clomid 50mg, BFP #2 Beta #1 35, Beta #2 338!!! Owen was born 2/11/11! 
    TTC#2: 4 cycles on clomid: BFNs
    BFP #3: Cycle #5 100mg clomid; beta #1 21; beta #2 6=CP 
    Cycle #6 break cycle TTC no meds=BFN
    Cycle #7: 150 clomid+ovidril+IUI=BFN (switched to RE)
    Cycle #8: follistem+ovidril+TI=BFN
    Cycle #9 Forced break due to cyst
    Cycle #10 follistem+ovidril+TI=BFN
    Cycle #11 follistem+ovidril+TI=BFN
    Cycle#12 Forced break due to cyst, went on BCP; did repeat HSG, Saline U/S
    Cycle #13 IVF: Follistim/Menapur ER 11-30 11 eggs, 5 mature, 4 fertilized and 3dt on 12-3; BFN
    Cycle #14: IVF#2 lupron/follistim/menopur ER 1-22, 19 eggs, 14 fertilized, 5dt on 1-27, BFP!! beta 1: 63, beta 2: 119; EDD 10-15-13; 1 frozen embie
    Miracle Surprise BFP, EDD 10-1-15; saw HB great Betas, 11weeks lost baby MC at home
    Moved forward with FET transfered solo frostie on 6-4-15, beta 1: 315, beta 2: 738, u/s showed one baby on track EDD 2-21-16
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