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Please tell me how you do it

Please tell me how you are getting your babies to sleep alone in a PNP or crib! My DS is almost two weeks and he refuses to sleep in his PNP at night. During the day he naps on a boppy and at night the only way we get any sleep is for DH to sleep on the couch with him in his arms. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. I make sure he's swaddled fed and rocked to sleep but he starts to cry within 5 minutes of laying him down.

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Re: Please tell me how you do it

  • I hate the couch situation for that exact reason. That's why some nights I just stay awake the entire night. I wish there was a solution for him..

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  • LO is 6 weeks old and hates her PnP. She loves to sleep in her RnP. Do you have one, if not I would try it!



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  • My LO would only sleep in a rock n play. She literally started screaming as soon as we started to lay her down on anything flat. Then (God bless her!!) my cousin bought me a rock n play and she loved it!! :) Like @Alicia0817 it kind of holds them an snuggles them!
  • Agree with pp , swaddle and white noise are your friend! That said, it will get easier! My dd hated the pnp and rnp, she actually was happiest in a bassinet ( we bought after other options weren't working). But at 2 weeks she definatley wanted to be held a lot too
  • Agree w PP's. We used a swing for the first 3 weeks. He was swaddled and the swaying motion really helped. S the first poster said, we used a heating pad to gently warm the PNP or crib, just so the sheets aren't cold. A tight swaddle and white noise works well too.

    Try for sleeping tips. 

    Also look up the 5S's
    Good luck
  • Honestly DS slept in his bouncer for the first two weeks and the swing for the next month. He's 8 weeks now and I can get him to sleep in his PNP but only for 2 hours at a time, he just wiggles too much in there and wakes himself up. He gives us 4-5 hour stretches in the swing (it is turned off and reclined flat) and as a SAHM with an 18 month old to care for too, I'm more worried about us all getting some sleep than I am where that sleep happens for now. I will say that reading the baby whisperer book helped me understand how babies fall asleep and how to help them sleep. Your LO will figure it out soon, just keep trying.
  • Turn your white noise up LOUD. I know it sounds silly or counterintuitive but do it. Its noisy in the womb and its soothing to them to have loud white noise. Also, some bassinets come with a vibration clip. You can try using it. It could also be a temperature change situation. You can do an old school water bottle of hot water. Put it in the crib/PnP to warm the spot where LO will be laid down. 

    Sometimes babies just don't like being laid flat. DD was like this until she was about 3 months old. Even then sleeping alone was always a battle, and still very much is. Getting her moved to her toddler bed has been very difficult. I'm sorry. I know its difficult. 

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  • MrsMuq said:
    OP, your LO shouldn't be napping in a boppy. It's a suffocation hazard.

    You could try getting a wedge pillow to incline one side of the crib (put the pillow under the mattress).

    Swaddling and white noise are wonderful, too. Also, make sure your LO is dressed warm enough - his tummy should be warm to touch after you un-swaddle him, but his feet should be cool to touch (if they're warm, too, he's too warm).

    You could also look into safe co-sleeping options or a bassinet.
    Napping on a boppy is totally fine if supervised, which most daytime sleep is.  
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  • My son does well in his bassinet, but here is my idea: I actually made a long bag of rice (saw it on pinterest, sewed flannel fabric to make a "tube") and I lay it next to him. Apparently you can microwave it to simulate warmth of your body. I lay it low and far away from his face to be safe. The pinterest post said that a lot of NICUs do it for newborns. 
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  • Our LO loves his Rock n Play. Sleeps in it through out the night except for when it's time to feed. during the day he sleeps where ever we put him.

  • Don't worry, I don't take my eyes off him on the boppy.

    We took the advice and got a rock n play, crossed our fingers since this was a last resort (we've tried everything else mentioned) and no luck :(

    Good thing I kept the receipt.....

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  • Our girl is a week old. She slept fine in the bassinet in the hospital and hasnt struggled in her crib yet. For her afternoon nap I have her also sleep in the crib to get used to it. We swaddle her in a halo sleep sack and use white noise. If she struggles to fall asleep, i hold her next to my chest so she can smell me, that usually does the trick. I remember with our son, I put a t shirt I had worn on the bassinet mattress under the sheet so he could smell me.
  • He was in the rnp for the first 6 weeks. After that I transitioned him to the pnp. It wasn't easy but eventually we got it worked out. He's still tiny. Swaddle, white noise, and rnp should make him feel comfortable. Good luck! :)
  • Have you tried the Rock and Play? It seems like your Lo likes the recline. Mine loves the RnP.
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  • Buy the Rock N Play!
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