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I am getting my bags packed and ready for delivery time. I still have a couple weeks probably. Ob thinks baby will be 7.5 to 8.5 lbs. I know all babies are different, but do you think a newborn sized onsie will fit? It looks awful small. Not sure if I should take it back and get a bigger size. I want him in this specific onsie when he leaves the hospital.

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  • Can you get it in both sizes and bring both with you in case? You will likely use the newborn size unless the baby is very large. Ds was 6lbs 13oz and the newborn outfit we brought was so huge on him. He grew out of nb size clothes around 4 weeks.
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  • My daughter was 6#13oz at birth. She wore newborn size until this week. She is currently 10lbs and 2 months old.
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  • DS was 8lb 5oz and wore a newborn outfit home.
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  • newborn fit ds perfect first month
  • Mine was 8lb 9oz and NB stuff fit perfect when we left the hospital. 0-3 stuff that we brought just in case was huge.
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  • Keep in mind babies lose weight before they leave the hospital. I took both NB and 0-3 onesies to the hospital, but the 0-3 was huge. LO is 8 weeks and still wears NB.

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  • They told me that my baby was going to be between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds. He was 10.3 pounds. Newborn sizes never fit him.
  • Onesies are probably easier but safe to bring 2 sizes. Footie pajamas are harder. My baby didn't fit in NB and he was 7lb9oz. He was 20.5 inches and they were too short. He is skinny though but tall
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  • Baby was 8 4 and fit newborn for a few weeks. He lost weight before we went home too
  • At birth DS was 7lbs 4oz and fit into newborn sized onsies. He is now 8lbs 4oz and still fits in them. I brought both newborn and 0-3 month sized onsies to the hospital. I'm assuming he'll fit in newborn for another couple weeks.
  • My daughter was born 8 lbs 9 oz and 22 inches and wore NB home. (She was estimated to be 9 lbs prior to birth.) Lots of her 0-3 month clothes are still a little too big.
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  • My son was 6lb at birth and I had to get premie size clothes for him. He's still in NB now (he's 3 weeks). Onesies and sleep sacks have been his fashion if choice :-)
  • My daughter was 5 lbs 13 oz at birth. She is now 7 weeks old and about 8.5 lbs and still in NB.

    It really just depends on the baby.



  • My son was 8lbs 15oz and wore newborn clothes home. He is still wearing those newborn clothes and is 15 days old.  Remember that babies lose weight too before they go home, my boy lost an entire pound by day 4!
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  • My baby was 8 lbs 10 oz. and 21 in. He wore NB clothes for 3 wks. You should be fine with buying a NB outfit.
  • DD was 6lbs 1oz and 20.5". She's still wearing NB, though I think we're getting close to going up a size finally at almost six weeks. Different brands fit differently, too, so keep that in mind. If you really want that specific outfit, I'd get one of each, and keep the tags on the nb one so you can return it if it ends up being too small.
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    They told me that my baby was going to be between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds. He was 10.3 pounds. Newborn sizes never fit him.
    I had an ultrasound the week before the baby was born and I was told he was already 7lbs 10oz and to expect over 8lbs. He ended up being 6lbs 7oz. I was shocked.

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  • DD was 8lb 11oz at birth. She was 9lb2oz at her 2-week checkup on Monday (23rd). I wasn't sure what size she would wear, either, so I took a newborn outfit and a 3 mos outfit with us to the hospital. The NB outfit fit fine and the bloomers were a little big. She's still wearing the NB clothes that we have. There is only one footie pajama that may be a little small soon, and only because she may get too long for it.


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  • LO was born at 6lb 1oz and left the hospital at 5lb 15oz. Newborn stuff was big on him big. At 6 weeks he is just now fitting into the 0-3 month clothes and NB stuff still fits him perfectly fine. He probably 8 lbs now (he was 7.5 a week and a half ago)
  • My 7lbs, 13oz baby wore NB clothing for two months.  He still fits into some of them, even.  I brought 0-3 mo to the hospital for him to wear home and he was swimming in it. 

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  • Cristine said:

    They told me that my baby was going to be between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds. He was 10.3 pounds. Newborn sizes never fit him.
    I had an ultrasound the week before the baby was born and I was told he was already 7lbs 10oz and to expect over 8lbs. He ended up being 6lbs 7oz. I was shocked.

    They really have no idea!
  • Babies generally fit into NB until they are 9-10lbs.

  • I had an ultrasound at 38 weeks and was told DD would be between 5 and 6lbs. She was born at 41 weeks, 1 day at 7lbs 14oz. Late ultrasounds are pretty unreliable. My DD is 10.5 weeks and still fits in some NB stuff. Shirts mostly. Sleepers with feet she's actually out of the 3 month size already because she's so long. All babies grow differently, just pick up a couple NB things for now. If you need more when LO is here, you or your DH can run out to the store and get some more. 

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  • DS was 21.5 inches at birth, NB were always too short for him. 0-3 were a little too big, but better than too tight on his cord stump.
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  • Id pack nb and 0-3. Ultrasound indicated DS was about 8lbs. Yea...he was 10lbs 11oz and 22inches. We just skipped nb.
  • Honestly, the size at that age is really more determined by their length. Get one in both sizes just in case. My baby girl is almost 9 lbs and still able to fit because she's a shortie.

  • I agree with everyone, especially Kristonita.  My DD was born at 7lb 11oz and was 20in long.  She was in NB clothes for about 3-4 weeks until we had to go up to 0-3/3mo size.
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  • We were expecting Noah to come out at around 8lbs or a little over so we packed 2 0-3 month outfits and only 1 NB just in case. He was born at 6lbs 11oz and his NB clothes were big on him Lol We had him in preemie clothes the first two weeks and last week we finally put away his NB clothes even though a couple outfits still fit. 
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  • My baby was 7 lbs 11 oz at birth and fit in newborn clothes.  We took both newborn size and 0-3 months just in case.  

  • My kid was 6 8 at birth and still in newborn clothes. Buy it in the next size up just in case
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  • Newborn size will likely be fine. My daughter was 7lbs 0oz at birth and now weighs 9lbs 6oz at 5 weeks 6 days and she still wears newborn size and 0-3 just in sleepers.
  • My daughter is 6 weeks, 10 lbs, and still fits in NB clothing.
  • My baby was born 8lbs 10 oz.  He is now over 10lbs and 23 inches long and JUST grew out of his newborn clothes.  His 0-3 months are a little big.  It all depends on the babies shape, body, etc...  More than likely the newborn clothing will work!
  • DD was 6 lbs 4 oz. NB clothes swallowed her. She's 3 months and a little over 12 lbs and I put the NB clothes away about a weeks ago.
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  • They told me I was going to have a 9 pound baby and I ended up having a 5 pound baby, although I did deliver at 37 weeks. I was all screwed up with clothes. I barely bought any newborns thinking he was going to be bigger.
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