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Another food question

When you let LO eat table foods, do you put a certain amount in front of them? How much?

What if you gave them a nice serving size and they scarf it down? Do you give them more?

My Julie loves to eat and I'm afraid I'm over feeding her at times. Tonight for instance, she had roasted chicken and pieces of cooked potato and carrots. I put about 1/4 cup of food in front of her all at once and it was gone in no time. Maybe I should give it to her slowly? Then I gave her cantalope and she went crazy for it. I know she would have eaten a lot more if I let her.



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  • I do give her a plate of food. She does snarf it pretty quick. She usually is done and wants down after, but will eat as long as there is still food in front of her. I usually do about a quarter cup or half cup.

    If I am giving her the Gerber Entree meals, she will eat the whole thing.


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  • I only give a couple bites for Ashley to pick up. If I put too much in front of her one piece goes in her mouth, then the next piece she throws on the floor or she like to make little piles of food on her head. Oy!
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  • I can only give John a bite or two at a time. If I give him more he will shove it all in his mouth and get upset. Sometimes his stomach seems bottomless, other times he only has a couple bites. When he scarfs down a ton of food I will stop feeding him when he slows down or starts to play with his food. 
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  • Ug, I feel like a giant ass for even asking this. I have always been overweight, even as a small child, so I'm always over thinking this stuff, I'm sure.


  • Part of the reason I am so concerned about it is I do not have a biological off switch. My body seriously does not know it is full. I can eat (for example) a full Thanksgiving meal. Turkey, stuffing, the whole 9 yards. Literally 20 minutes after finishing an ungodly size plate of food, my stomach will be growling.

    The last few mornings, Alice has drank a 4-6 oz bottle and then eaten to the point of spitting up. This terrifies me.


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  • I also wonder this. I have never measured her portions, but have a good idea of how much-ish she eats at a meal. But the one night when she was chomping away and just ate and ate and ate, she had a realllly bad night, and I wondered if it was stomachache. So now I do stop offering her food when I think she's eating too much. 

    Wait - that sounds wrong - we feed her while she's happily eating, and stop when she stops being interested, but there have been a couple of times when she's showing no sign of slowing down, and she's eaten more than I would at a time. Then I stop her. And she gets distracted by something else and doesn't seem hungry any more. 

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  • I give him a small amount of food at a time. I keep giving mor to he is done. Babies typically do not over eat as long as they are feeding themselves.


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  • I will put a serving size (handfull) on his tray, and then as he eats through that, I"ll put more. Once he's done with the food I've prepared, I generally don't give him more, unless he seems like he really really wants it (except fruit because he would ALWAYS eat more fruit, so that I just cut him off after he finishes 1 piece). 


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  • At this age, I don't worry about portion size, as long as it is healthy foods that I'm giving DS.  He has a bit of a strange eating habit - I cannot give him more than 1 foods at a time.  Eg if I give him pasta and broccoli, he'll eat one (either the pasta or broccoli), and throw ALL of the other ones on the floor.

    So I give him one food group after the other.  I usually start with veggies, then protein, then carbs.  I also only give him 1-2 pieces at a time.  When he decided he's had enough of ____ (veggie/protein/carbs), he'll throw them on the floor.  Then I give him the next food groups, and he'll eat them.  I will continue to give him as long as he eats them, but stop when he throws it on the floor.

    Some nights he will eat a good amount (not too common), most nights he eats a few pieces here and there, so I don't worry about him overeating.

    He will eat a TON of fruit, and that's okay by me.  The only foods I don't give him nonstop are snacks like cheerios or puffs.  We only do snacks 1-2x a week though.
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  • We give DS a little at a time, otherwise it will be all over the floor.  DS does stop eating when he is done, not sure if he is full or just tired of eating. When he starts brushing the food off the high chair tray with his hands and arms, we know it's time to get down.

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    I give her and about a handful of table food to start off with. I'm still scared of her chocking so I cut them all into tiny pieces . Then I continue to give her more until she gets full and stops eating. It usually is equivalent to half a jar of baby food.  

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    When she starts fussing for other things on the table (like the salad dressing container), we know she is done.  Swiping all the food off her tray with her arm/hand is another sure sign.  She doesn't seem to continue eating indefinitely. Like @pb_bride we do limit snack foods like puffs simply because I would rather have her get full on other things.
  • Thanks for all your replies! @mrs.ike, thanks for sharing your story, this is exactly how I feel right now. Only I don't have a shut off switch for sweets. I was raised in a very healthy house where sweets and junk were limited, so I don't quite get why I have such a hard time resisting. I'm definately going to check out the book recs. Thanks again everyone!


  • Thanks dot! DH says that we need to keep sweets in the house and show by example how to eat them in moderation. I agree this is the way to go, but if I get a taste it's game over for that package of Oreo's. Like you, I have to completely abstain.


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