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lactation cookies these things really work? I baked a batch tonight and am eating 1-2 each time I nurse. These are made with old fashioned oats, peanut butter, milled flax, brewers yeast, whole wheat flour and a couple of other every day ingredients.

Those of you that have tried them, does it really boost your supply? If so, how long did it take to see results and how many cookies did you eat and how often did you eat them?


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Re: lactation cookies

  • I sure did! I never felt the engorgement when my milk came in the first time. I started eating some because I need to pump for storage and I swear the first day my breast filled up! Start off eating maybe just one or two so you don't end up like me (who ate 2...ok maybe 4 cause they were so darn good) gah! It was painful, but I am glad it worked. I am now able to pump 4oz on top of feeding LO in the morning. I will stop using them when I'm done pumping. 

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