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Cake recipe for dairy allergy

LO's 1st b-day is coming up and she's allergic to dairy. Most cake mixes contain dairy and I don't want to shell out the extra money for a cake mix from a health food store. (I like to try out recipes before I present them.). Most of the recipes that call for dairy I can use almond milk in place of ECM, however, I'm concerned about introducing nut on her first b-day and worst case scenario, she's allergic. Do you think I should be concerned or would cake and icing made with almond milk be okay? Does anone have a REALLY good white/yellow cake recipe that's dairy free/nut free?

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  • This is the recipe I use. It's dairy, soy, egg, and nut free.

    I halve the amount of granulated sugar it calls for.

    I use the recipe for cupcakes. I've never made it as a cake. It's what we serve at our girls' bday parties. I also bring them for my girls to have when we attend bday parties.

    Here's the icing:

    For the icing, I use canola oil and orange juice as the liquids. I know it sounds gross, but it's really good! And the orange just comes across as sweet. It doesn't have an overwhelming orange flavor.
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  • For my LO's cake I used rice milk because she hasn't been introduced to nuts yet. I figured the rice milk would be better since she has had rice cereal and did not have any issues.
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  • I can't remember the brand but I found boxed cake mix at Target that didn't contain dairy.  It was a major brand like Duncan or Pillsbury.  Then I mixed it with a can of pumpkin instead of using butter.  There was canned icing that was dairy free too.  Although they both contain a lot of junk otherwise.  I served regular cupcakes for the guests of the party.

    DD didn't even touch her cake so I'm glad I didn't go to too much trouble! 

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  • We do wacky cake--which is egg free, but also dairy free.

    It is delicious
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  • Duncan Hines cake mix & most frostings are dairy free.
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  • Ditto the Duncan Hines, but just be sure to read the frosting cans- not all of them are dairy-free.
  • Dunkin hines yellow is dairy free and Pillsbury frosting is. DH frosting has a cross contamination risk.
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