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Bassinet or co-sleep??

I have a 2 month old girl that only likes to fall asleep on my (or daddy's) chest. We have tried putting her in the bassinet, and she screams every time. She will fall asleep easily and peacefully on our chest or laying next to us in bed, so for now that's what we are going with in order for us all to get some sleep. We have basically given up on the bassinet, but would like her to sleep in her actual crib eventually. Are we asking for trouble by allowing her to co-sleep right now, or is she still young enough that it's acceptable to do that?? Any thoughts??

Re: Bassinet or co-sleep??

  • I'm in the same position! I just read Good Night Sleep Tight and they suggested limiting it to three months. I will be taking that advice because we allowed my older son to sleep with us on and off for a long time and now at five years old, he still does not want to sleep by himself. I know that's not the case for everyone, but that's my experience.
  • My SIL co-slept with her children for far too long (never said no...ever) and they ended up with issues sleeping over at friends' and relatives' houses when they were older.

    With our first son, he would fall asleep on me while I was sitting on the couch and then I would transfer him to the bassinet.  With our second son, we swaddle him (velcro ones work great) and put him straight into the bassinet when he is tired and he falls asleep in there without any problem.
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  • Thanks all - I guess it's a personal decision, there are certainly pros and cons to doing it and not doing it. I guess I will need to discuss with hubby and see how he feels about it. Thanks!
  • Get a RocknPlay! Our son only likes to sleep on our chest, but he will also sleep in the RnP really well at night. It snuggles him up. Plus it's super portable so we put it by the table or in the kitchen when we're eating and cleaning up, etc.

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