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behavior- destructive type

Our almost 3 yr daughter is starting to throw things and pic up chairs and throw them at home and school as of recently.  Nothing has changed and no new stressors.  She also thinks it's funny after I discipline her.  She even threw the kindle on the floor- just because.  So she sometimes does it when she's mad and even just to do it.  Is this a phase? I feel like I can handle it at home but it disappoints me she is now doing it at school.  She took off her shoes yesterday and swubg them around and it hit one of the other kids.  Per the teacher it wasn't that hard but still she affected another kid.  There are no reports of her intentionally hurting others- I hope that doesn't change.  Not sure where this coming from.  No issues with communicating in fact when I was reading her schooleport to her about her day and the part about her swinging the shoes  - She even said- yeah I hurt ( and the boys name).  So she knows! 

Re: behavior- destructive type

  • What are you doing to discipline her?  My son gets an automatic TO for stuff like that, if it's purposeful.  I think kids just like to see what happens when they throw it, because it's a new thing for them, so I suspect it's a phase.  We also remind him that we don't throw things in the house.  That if he wants to throw stuff he has to go outside and then he can throw only certain things, like balls.  Mine ran off with a cermaic ramekin once, and when I caught up to him, he threw it down on the tile floor. Shattered into a gazillion pieces.  I was so pissed!  Anyway, he got an immediate timeout and got to listen to me complain about cleaning up the mess (not that I recommend the complaining part, but boy did he trigger my temper).  If it was safer, I'd have him help me clean it up, but since it was shards of sharp ceramic, I couldn't do that. 

    Good luck!  I hope she stops throwing things that aren't meant to be thrown soon!

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