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Prozac anyone?

I had been taking 20 mg of Prozac during and after pregnancy. A week and a half ago I went up to 40 mg and the side effects are more noticeable. I'm super tired no matter how much sleep I get, more anxious, and more depressed. Sucks, just making this all harder. Want to feel better, not worse! Has anyone else experienced this on Prozac? Will the side effects go away or could this not the right med/dosage? 

Re: Prozac anyone?

  • Before I was pregnant I was on Prozac and it did seem to take a long time for the side effects to wear off. I think the half life is pretty long. I'm now on zoloft PP because I'm BF and it is the one my midwife recommends for doing that and I felt relief the end I prefer Prozac over the zoloft but both work well for me. And yes I was sleepy, and had a headache often while starting on Prozac.
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  • I have taken Prozac for 3 years.  I was always on 20 mg. It did make me sleepy, so I took it before bed. It also destroys your sex drive just fyi. But it helped tremendously. When I took it, I felt completely fine. Doctors wanted to try to wean me off, and it didn't work so I was put back on 20mg. I am currently pregnant, and Prozac can have adverse effects on an unborn baby, so I haven't had it in a few months. I can still feel the depression lingering, but I think my out of control hormones are actually keeping it at bay. I'm about 99% sure I'll need prozac after I give birth. The very minor side effects I felt were 250% worth it in the end.
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