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Low Blood Count!!!

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Around 15 weeks i had a blood draw for Std's, and Complete blood count for iron and such.  my blood count came back as being LOW...I am a little concerned being that i am a 5th time mom, and this has never happened...he sent me back to get more labs drawn, and scheduled me to come back in 2 weeks....not as worried, but am concerned...has this happened to anyone before...my only concern is what if it continues to remain being low...thanks girls
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Re: Low Blood Count!!!

  • I had issues with my blood count being low bc it's a machine that counts it and my blood clots very quickly so it wasn't getting an accurate count. So they did a manual count and it was fine.

    If yours countine to be low you might have to go see a high risk dr to run more test. Also so hospitals require your count to be above 80 to be able to get and epidural.
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  • Thank you so much...I was praying for at least one answer....i googled it, and thats what i was afraid of being that i had one with no drugs, and it hurt like hell...so im trying not to re live that experience...thank you so much
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  • Ask for them to do a manual count. They will also check again late in pregnancy.
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  • i certainly will 
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