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Moving to Pensacola

Hi there, 

My husband, newborn, and I are moving down to Pensacola for flight school and I am looking for housing suggestions, areas to avoid living, ect. We'll be going down on Monday/Tuesday to look around, but any advice would be great! Thanks in advance!

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  • We're currently in Milton, just north of Pensacola for flight school. Is he an NFO or SNA? If he's going to have API in Pensacola Nas and then primary in Whiting Field a lot of people i know are really happy splitting the difference the whole time, and end up finding houses on 9 mile road or olive. If your looking to stay in Pensacola for API and then move to milton for primary I would start by living outside the back gate. 

    Its hard to find nice rental houses in the area, under or near BAH but there are some really nice apartment complexes. We stayed in Fairfield Villas and had a good experience, and i had a good friend in CountryWood at blue angel and they loved it there.

    For Milton its a little easier to find nice rental houses off base, and the base housing Whiting Pines has some renovated homes and TONS of conviences, and hey new moms' like me :P

    Also, look into a couple facebook groups, NAS Pensacola spouses and SOSA Whiting Field if your hubby is a SNA. They are both filled with tons of great ladies and would also have some good advice.

    Wow that was long, let me know if you have any more questions. :)


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  • I do not recommend the Crystal Lake Apts. We lived there before H got reclassed and our a/c broke three times and they just kept putting in more coolant instead of fixing it. Not great. I agree that there are some nice places outside the back gate of NAS.

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  • Thanks for the tip....we'll avoid them!
  • Thanks for the info! Fairfield was on our list to look at so it's nice to hear it's decent. Also...thanks for letting me know about Facebook groups. They had tons of info on housing!
  • Okay, this was 10 years ago, but I lived in an apartment just outside the back gate.  Austin Wood?  The one on N. Loop Rd.  This was new back then.  I think there's now a second apartment complex right next to it.  This is almost all students, and there will likely be several people in his class or the class ahead of him that live nearby, which is good for study groups.   Also, there's a Super Walmart about a mile away.  

    if you're going to Whiting, I don't have a lot of suggestions...sorry. 

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  • There are several nice neighborhoods not far from the back gate of NAS. We have a great little rental house just a few miles from base and we love it. From what I hear, it's best to stay away from base housing. If you're going to be spending time at whiting field, west Pensacola will be a far commute so you might want to consider living farther north. It's a nicer community up there but farther from the beaches. Welcome to the beach - we love it here!
  • Hi! We lived there for 2 yrs while my H was in flight school. We moved from there last year. If he's going to be going to Whiting eventually (after API) I'd look into Governors Gate Apts. We lived there and loved it. It's centrally located to the two bases, about 20 min from the beach and close to downtown and to the airport. You could eventually live in Milton, which is where Whiting is, but there is NOTHING in Milton. We preferred living a little further from the base but closer to everything else.

    p.s. didn't think I'd like Pensacola (i'm from a big city), but ended up loving it. :) Good luck!
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    Hey, I'm from Pensacola! If I were you I would look for houses in the perdido area. It's the nicest and closest area to the naval station. It's close to the water and they have good schooling.
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    If y'all are moving to whiting field then I would definitely find houses in the Pace area. They have nicer neighborhoods than Milton and sure they don't have much but Pensacola is only a 10 minute drive away.
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  • Awwww ... Pensacola. So jealous!
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