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how long after c/s was your vbac?

I delivered twins via CS 7 years ago.  I am due next year.  Does time help at all?

Re: how long after c/s was your vbac?

  • Yes, the general recommendation is at least 18 months between deliveries. You'll be fine, and good luck!
    DS1 - Feb 2008

    DS2 - Oct 2010 (my VBAC baby!)

  • Thanks.  The nurse who started my paperwork is over a hundred so her info fo me was antiquated.  The looks she gave me answering some of the questions was a little disconcerting and I don't think she cared about the time between, she was pretty much stuck on my age.
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  • I attempted a VBAC on May 6, 2013 and loss my son. My uterus ruptured after 12 hours of labor, causing the placenta to detach. While you are not or think there is no possible way you could be the 1% to 1.7% that experience complications... well, you just might be. I was. 

    I wish every minute of everyday I could go back and beg for a repeat C-section. If I had, my third child and second son, Viggo, would be in my arms.Be leary of OBs that promise they will be present for the entire labor and delivery to troubleshoot if needed. Please, please reconsider your decision for a VBAC. What if you are the exception like me?
  • Mine will be exactly 2 years apart, give or take a few days obvi

  • My vbac was 22 months later.
  • Mine was 6 years after.
  • First was 3 years
    Second 5  years
    Third 11 years
    Fourth 18 years
    Fifth 21 years
    And completely expecting this one to be also 26 years later.
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