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Moving to Charleston area with little ones.. advice please on neighborhods and schools!

Hi SC Community, my husband and I are going to be moving to the Charleston area (he works for Boeing) in a couple of years.. we have an 18 month old and I am pregnant with #2, due in a couple months, our kids will be about 2 and 3 by the time we get there.. I know this is super early planning but I have been struggling to find anything current and thorough as far as finding a good place to live.

We ideally would like to be somewhat nearby (walkable) to parks, shopping and not too far of a commute for my husband from Boeing, and not too far from the beach, also we must be in a good school district, we are not going the private route, so this is pretty important.

My husband likes the idea of a planned community that has a pool and rec center in it, that would be nice, but not necessary if those amenities were available in the local community.

So far I am looking at Mt Pleasant, North Charleston just south of Summerville (in the Dorchester II district), James Island and the newest one was West Ashley, location wise (proximity to Downtown and Boeing and Beaches) it looks pretty awesome, although I am not convinced that is a good area for good schools..

Any guidance and advice would be amazing. We have both never visited SC and plan to in the next year or so to get the lay of the land, but for now, maybe you can help steer me in the right direction for our visit, what neighborhoods should we absolutely check out?


Re: Moving to Charleston area with little ones.. advice please on neighborhods and schools!

  • I'm in moncks corner. Just moved four months ago from tx. I have a 5 year old and a 19 month old. Wish I could tell you where is the best place to live but I've only been here a short time. Moncks corner is a good place or goose creek. But where you'd live as in a place I wouldn't know. Wish the best for you guys!!
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    I love Mt P.
    I refuse to live anywhere else. We rented in West Ashley but I'd only consider Essex community to buy over there. It is right by 526 and would be a good commute.

    I live off long point in mt p and work about 20 mins past Boeing. I get from my house to Boeing in about 15 to 20 mins. I leave early though.

    I'm not really hot on the high school but the chances of us still living here by then are slim but it's not a bad school. It's just enormous.

    Chas has good charter schools you can try for a lottery # to get into. We are hoping for the Montessori.

    Boeing... Been trying for a year to get in there! They are a tough place to get attention from!! I'm jealous he already works there!

    I hope you love it here!!
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  • My husband and I both live and work in Berkeley county. Moncks Corner or Goose Creek would be great places to live. Both have planned communities and great schools.
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  • Recently moved from Charleston and miss it terribly! I lived on James Island, which would be a horrendous commute for your husband, but a nice area and close to the John's Island magnet school, downtown and beach.  I'd recommend you look in Mount Pleasant or in the West Ashley area. Both have great schools. I've never been fond of Mount P because it seems like they are always doing major road construction, but the shopping is nice. 

    Charleston has really fantastic charter schools and private schools (the private schools are very expensive, Ashley Hall/Porter Gaud). If you do decide to live on the peninsula (another high traffic commute), try to get your children into Buist Academy or the private school Mason Prep. I do not recommend North Charleston at all for elementary ages, but they do have some great high schools.

    There are some great neighborhoods in and around Charleston, you need to talk with your husband about what kind of commute he is willing to live with. The Boeing plant is right near the airport, so anywhere off of 526 should be fair game. There are also several Montessori options. West Ashley may be your best choice when it come to work commute, school and community.
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  • Great feedback, thank you! I am more and more interested in West Ashley hearing all of this..
  • LetsGoToDisney - what schools in West Ashley are good? All of the ratings I see are under 6 out of 10 stars..
  • Drayton hall.
    I would send my kid to charlestowne Montessori.
  • Are you still looking? I know a good bit about DDII and the Summerville area if you would like any info. PM me. 
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