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Columbia women's vs Women's healthcare

Columbia women's health vs. women's healthcare associates?


My PC doc recommended these two clinics.  I was wondering if anyone had opinions about them?  I am disappointed already that the CWH doesn't offer interviews for incoming patients to meet their potential provider.  I haven't called WHA yet to find out whether or not they offer those.


Any information on them would be appreciated!


Re: Columbia women's vs Women's healthcare

  • I would not use women's health care associates I had issues with a doctor there she was rude and inappropriate and when I reported her the whole clinic just dumped me out of no where when I was in need of medical care 
  • I had amazing experience's with Women's Healthcare Associates!  Anyone that I have talked to who have used WHA LOVE them and highly recommend them. I used Helen Welch for my midwife and also saw Dr. Vanswam as an OB when I had gestational Diabetes. 
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  • I go to WHA and I love them! I didn't interview with any doctors before I started going there because I really needed a doctor, but so far I have been very happy with all the doctors I've met and the staff is really friendly.
  • I just transferred from CWH to WHA.  I just felt like I wasn't getting the care I needed and expected. CWH doesn't even have an ultrasound tech of their own, they use WHA. Really it is about finding what works best for you. So far I have only had an incredible experience with WHA. They were there when we were worried it was high risk. They were an ear when I needed to talk with someone about transferring in the middle of my pregnancy. They have been nothing but phenomenal.
  • I too go to WHA. Just had my second child and all OB doctors have been a great help to both my labor deliveries. Whenever my OB is not in the office I also have the option to see a midwife if I choose to. The midwifes are excellent. I recommend WHA to anyone.
  • I was a RN at St V's L & D.  While there are good MDs at both clinics, I personally went with WHA. 
  • I was wondering the same thing and went with CWC in the beginning only because I am with Providence already. From the initial call I didnt feel well taken care of, I had questions as this is my first pregnancy and I am only 5 weeks. I decided to go with WHA because I was referred there by many women I know. I had to go in yesterday for blood work unexpectedly and had a wonderful experience. They actually started the call off with "congratulations!" CWC didnt even do that. Everyone so far I have come in contact with at WHA has been great. I go back for more blood work on Monday (hoping and praying my HCG levels go up!!). But like everyone else said, it is ultimately where you feel most comfortable. 
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