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Writing my first letter to boot camp

I'm writing to my nephew who just started boot camp 2 weeks ago. I'd love any good advice. Should I include any kind of inspirational story or just tell him how proud of him we are, ask him how he is (even though I doubt he will have time to write back), update him on little tidbits about us?
Thanks for your time!
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Re: Writing my first letter to boot camp

  • I think tidbits from your lives are good, and close with telling him that you're proud of him. If he's religious, then he might like bible verses, or maybe a newspaper clipping or short magazine article that you think he might like. Otherwise, cards are good because they share a lot of sentiment while being pretty short (there isn't tons of time to read mail). I would skip photos.
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    [Deleted User]catmw21
  • I agree with Avion.  When I was in Basic, I just wanted to know what was going on with my family and the outside world.  Tell him what's going on around town.  Did he play ball with the local high school?  Tell him about the last game.  Try to keep it all positive so he isn't distracted worrying about people.  End it all with how proud you are of him and how you can't wait to congratulate him when he's done.  
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  • I agree with the other posters. Also if something funny happens include it. They love to have things to laugh about during times like this. They love to know what's going on at home because it takes their mind off what they are going through for the moment.
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  • @catmw21 I made a questionnaire for my sister when she was in boot, it was easy for her to fill out quickly since she didn't have a lot of time to write and i could find out how she was really doing and get details about her life there. I found a link for an example. 

    I also send letters just informing her of what was going on at home, Only positive things. I also sent her a lot of inspirational quotes and pictures. I printed/ made copies of pictures in case she had to throw them away for any reason. Send whatever you think will keep him motivated.


  • I wrote to my husband every day he was gone at boot camp and he enjoyed just hearing about my day.  Basically, I wrote it as if I were talking to him at home at the end of the day.  When I included pictures, I put a bunch in a word document and printed that out rather than "real" pictures.  I like the questionnaire @MrsMac613 mentioned and did that a few times as well.  They don't always have a huge amount of time to write back so it was fun to get some of my questions answered! 
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