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Ok. I had to buy something for baby.

I kept telling myself I wouldn't until I know the gender. But DH and I couldn't help it.
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Re: Ok. I had to buy something for baby.

  • Aww, the little hat is so cute.
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  • Love it! ( minus that terrible SC logo!) I'm impressed this is your first baby purchase, mine have enough Auburn gear to get them through the whole football season...
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  • Love the tunes! Will have to be on the lookout for that!
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  • Awe cute hat!!!!
  • I've heard those CDs are awesome!
  • So cute! I need to get a dresser for all of the baby stuff I'm acquiring! Also, I love the CD! I'm definitely going to get some of those off of iTunes!
  • Love the Rockabye CD's! I'm totally ordering the Bon Jovi one for us.
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  • I've been lookin for a FTF gift for DH, that CD is perfect.  Where did you find it?


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    BabyVDM said:

    I've been lookin for a FTF gift for DH, that CD is perfect.  Where did you find it?

    It was a store called the kangaroo patch. They had so many types. The beatles. Kiss. ACDC. Bon jovi. Metallica. No doubt. There were more but those I can remember right off the top of my head.

    Edit: wasn't done typing.

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  • That cd is uh-mazing!
  • Aww!  So cute!  My husband and I bought lots of children's books on Friday night.  We have started to read a story to the baby every night.  :)

  • I'm going to have to check out that CD. My hubby has been reluctant to get totally on board the kids music bus, which I'm ok with.
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