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Part Time Work on Leave?

Does anyone know the laws regarding working part-time during maternity leave?  I'm currently taking additional unpaid time (receiving no benefits from my employer) to stay home a little longer with my 10 week old.  My teaching job is held for the entire school year, enabling me to return full time at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year.  Should I take the entire school year off, would I be able to work part time somewhere else just to help pay the bills?  If anyone knows or has any advice, please let me know!  I'd rather not touch base with my school district at the moment in case that could compromise my employment.  Thanks!

Re: Part Time Work on Leave?

  • My last official day of work was 11/23/11 (it was the date on all of my paperwork), but after that date I still went in for 2-4 hour stretches until I was sent to the hospital to be induced on 12/14/11.  I had asked about working from home during my maternity leave to make some extra money, and I was told the only reason I could not do that was b/c I was not a manager so I could not be given remote access to the system.  I just worked in customer service for an online company, so I'm not sure if the rules are different for different companies, or if there is actually a law about it.

    My mom is a teacher's assistant and her teacher is currently on maternity leave, so I will ask her if she knows anything about it.
  • I'm a teacher in NJ and took maternity leave from December to the following school year. I don't think my school district could have cared less what I did while on leave. Do you have a union? I'd check with your union rep and/or look at your contract. I think every school district is different, but I don't see why getting a part time job would compromise your work status at school.
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