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Short-term disability / Maternity Leave

I work for a very small law firm and the only benefit I receive is retirement. No paid vacation time, sick leave, or maternity leave. Does anyone know of an insurance carrier you can use for short-term disability and maternity leave? My husband and I are not TTC yet but will be starting in September and we want to be covered. Thanks!

Re: Short-term disability / Maternity Leave

  • There are plenty of plans (Aflac, Mutual of Omaha, etc..) that have short term disability that will cover 14, 30 or 90 day leaves of absence-usually at 60% of your salary. Make sure you get it BEFORE you get pregnant!!!!
  • Drive by poster here...just wanted to add that most policies require you to have it for 12 months before it will pay out. (Meaning you need to get it a few months before you get pregnant)
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