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1st Ultrasound!

And here is the first picture of our child  It was an amazing experience to sit there and watch as our baby popped up on the screen. His heartbeat is good and healthy, the neural tubes are closing as they should be. He is the right size for where Kris is right now so he is growing normally. We watched him move a little today (He was headbanging in the womb! IT IS OUR CHILD!) and got two pictures (one of which is uploaded with this update). Today, the reality that we're going to have a kid has finally been made 100% real. Kristy's blood work came back great, A+ blood, hemoglobin counts are where they should be and all is well in the world of baby image
Salem Rowan Theoden born a healthy Beltane Baby!  May 1st
8lbs 6.5oz and 21in long
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