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Yay! Oliver's heart is fixed!

Oliver had his surgery last Thursday and came home from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon. The surgery was successful, and I'm so glad we did it. The surgeon said the hole in his heart would have never closed on its own and would have probably really affected his quality of life had it gone much longer without being repaired. We had a few minor hiccups afterward, but overall he did great. I can't imagine the pain and discomfort he feels at times, but he is generally just his happy old self.

Handing him over the morning of was definitely the hardest. I sobbed. Then, seeing him immediately afterward was hard with so many tube and wires, etc. I felt a great deal of relief when they were able to extubate him and when he started looking at us and smiling again. It's amazing how resilient these little ones are! Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers

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