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Nightlights Anyone?

Does your LO have a nightlight? DD never had one until I bought her one that matches her decor a few weeks ago. I'm just debating on whether or not I like it. She likes to read her books when she goes to sleep and I'm worried it may ruin her eyesight in the long run. Thoughts?

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Re: Nightlights Anyone?

  • We use one. For awhile, we didn't, but when Lena was around 9 months or so, she began to cry out when we'd turn off the lights, so we started using it. Now, of course, she can't sleep without it, but it has never been an issue. Though, she does also like to read in her room at night too. I hadn't really thought about an issue with eyesight. To be honest, I assume she would "read" even without the night light too! 
  • We use a scentsy plug--in warmer as her night light. She doesn't like it all the way dark. 

    Also about her reading at night, how did she read before? With the light on? I would just strictly use the night-light as an aid to getting around the room when its dark, to keep monsters away, etc. 


  • We've had a nightlight in there forever. He gets very upset if he wakes up in the dark. I really don't know much about eye strain. Another thing to think about, I guess. 

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  • We've always had a nightlight in our son's room. It was WAY too bright so I ended up putting a bunch of electrical tape on it to make it much darker. The only reason it was in there to start with was so I could see for late night nursings when he was a baby. We've just kept it in there and I guess I've never really thought about if he needs it or not. I feel like it probably does help when he wakes up from a scary dream or whatnot since it helps him realize where he is and that he's in his safe room. 
    For stories before bed we always just have the regular light on. We lay him down, say "night night, etc." and turn it off on our way out. 
  • Dd has one, but it's because she doesn't like the dark. She's still perfectly content in her crib, so I'm not rushing her into a big girl bed. When she is in a big bed, I'll definitely keep the nightlight not only for her but for DH or I to see if we go in there.
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