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When are YOU leaving work?

When is everyone going to work their last week before their LO debuts?
I am due December 21 but can't decide on a date. My boss is very flexible and told me that I can leave anytime that I would like and they will adjust accordingly... But I gotta pick a date and I just don't know when to! /: I was thinking maybe the week before thanksgiving so ill be 35 weeks going on 36... Anyone else?
I wonder what the chances of LO coming early is! Who knows! Too bad babies don't work around your schedules... Ha ha

Re: When are YOU leaving work?

  • We've discussed this here before. But I'm due 12/20 and my last scheduled day of work is the day after Thanksgiving and I'll be exactly 37 weeks on my last day.
  • For me personally, I would go stir crazy if I left at 35 or 36 weeks. I'd rather use that time for after the baby arrives. I'm leaving 1 week before my DD, on Dec 20th. I would probably work right up to the end if our Christmas holidays didn't start on the 23rd.


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  • If I was still working and I had no problems I was going to leave work when I was 37 weeks.
  • When my water breaks? I only get 8 weeks so I plan to work til I really can't. I'm due 12/2 and that's my first scheduled day of leave.
  • I asked for my first day out to be my due date. As others have said, I want to maximize my time with LO. I can always change it if need be

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  • I'm due 12/13, but will be having a RCS sometime before that. My last day of work is set for 11/30 as of right now.
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  • I'm working until our last day before Winter Break, Dec. 13 and I'm due Dec. 15th.  I think I may try to work from home full time weeks 38 and 39.

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  • I think I'll work until I go into labor. I just learned how expensive taking time off from work is when you have benefits at your job.
    I'm due December 2 but hopefully this guy will come early

  • I'm done the last week of November where I'll be 38 weeks. Only a 3 day week since it's Thanksgiving, that gives me 2 weeks until my due date.


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  • My due date is December 24th (while I hope I have baby a little early), I am in the hair industry and this is our busiest time of the year. According to our work books my last day is December 21st. I could potentially have some clients not happy with there Christmas hair.
  • I'm working until the baby comes. I'm due 12/3.
  • My maternity leave will start on my due date, but I'm planning to take a week vacation before that.

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  • I'm due 12/14 and plan on working until thanksgiving break
  • Working until I'm pulled from work or she's born.
  • RCS is on 12/2. I was hoping my last day could be 11/2, just over 36 wks. Practically speaking, I will go as long as I can. There's a lifting requirement with my job, and no 'light duty'. Although my manager is awesome about creating unofficial light duty situations for me. So we'll see.
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  • I'm due 12/25, but will probably be done working 12/13 unless a C-section at 38 weeks is still the plan. I had a complete previa a few months ago but it seems to be moving.

    I'm also self-employed sooooo I can sit in my office and not work if I wanted, or I can lay in my bed and continue to work. We'll see what happens.

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  • I am due 12/31.  I will either work until I go into labor or 12/31 will be my last day, whichever comes first.

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  • Working right up until my due date. I only get my 12 weeks and I really want that time to be at home with the LO. 
  • If I make it to Dec. 14 that will be my last day since we start our winter break after that. Otherwise I will stop when baby comes.
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  • At this point unless my doctor changes things I plan to work until LO is here.  I'm hoping I can make it that long since I don't have a paid maternity leave.

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  • I plan to work right up until I go into labor or am induced. I'm working from home though, so it's pretty easy.
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  • Like a lot of others, working until I can't or until baby comes. I do have the ability to work from home, which I would do in the event that I get put on bed rest or things get too uncomfortable. I don't get a lot of time and I don't want to use it before baby is even here.


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  • Same as last time. I will work until labor starts.
  • I'm due December 10th, and my last scheduled day is Dec. 6th.  My youngest was 10 days early, so I might not make it that long.  We'll see!
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  • If I wasn't on bedrest I would have worked until going into labor as well.

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  • The plan right now is to work until I go into labor. That way I can spend my whole maternity leave with LO.
  • I'm due 12/12 and plan to work until I go into labor or 41 weeks on 12/20.
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  • I'm scheduled for RCS on 12/9 and strongly considering not going back after Thanksgiving. If I do go back might do a modified day or work til that Wed 12/4 to be at the last big staff mtg for the month that my Dept. does.
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  • I don't work now, but with my first I worked up until I went into labor.

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  • My RCS is scheduled for Dec 31st (Tuesday).  My last day of work will be the Friday before.  I want the day before to get everything ready for DS to spend the week with my parents


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  • I'm due 12/26. Our last student day before break is 12/20. I hope to make it to that day and don't care what happens afterwards. The personnel department hasn't responded to my email about my options yet... I know it's 14 weeks away but I need to get my life lined up!
  • My RCS is on December 13th.  I plan on taking that week off from work.  So I guess the 6th will be my last official work day.  
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  • Hospital is 90 minutes from work do probably go in till around 38 weeks and after that work from home.

  • I working til the week before I'm due which my boss isn't happy about but all I can collect is disability no vacation or paid maternity leave so I'm waiting as long as possible
  • My due date is 12/2.  So my last day of work will be November 27th which is the day before Tgiving.  I would go absolutely crazy if I took off before my due date!  I need something to occupy my thoughts and days before she is born ;)

  • Plan to work until I go into labor. I'm due on 12/20, so if I go over due, I may just stay out. I don't plan on leaving early though.
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  • One month before due date..... My job is already getting difficult because of its physical demands . I can't imagine being able to work in the last month. I'm lucky enough to leave early so might as well .

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  • I plan on working until he comes.  Although, we will have a scheduled induction due to a few concerns from the doctor.  We won't be able to plan that date until 6 weeks prior, so depending on when that is, I will probably just take a few days off before.

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  • I'm due Dec 1st (the Sunday after Thanksgiving), so I  told my boss I'm making my last day the day before Thanksgiving (I'll be 39 + 3). I'm already so so tired, IDK how I'm going to last that long.

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