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So many early ultrasounds

Sounds like many of you have had or are getting early ultrasounds. Is this common? I'm pretty sure my dr. Office doesn't do one until 20 weeks usually. With DS I got one at 10 weeks cause my midwife couldn't find the heartbeat to ease my mind. I would really like to have one before 20 weeks to put my mind at ease but not sure if it will happen this time around.

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  • I had asked a friend about that too cause I noticed all the bloodwork and us people were having. The only thing we came up with is they could have had trouble conceiving.
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  • I've had multiple miscarriages so they check early on to check for viability.
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  • I think it depends on your dr. I have one tomorrow for dates. I'm thinking I'll have one around 13 weeks for the nt and then 20 weeks for the anatomy.
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  • My dr. Office does one between 8-10w then again at 20. But last time I had one at 6w, 8w, 12w, 18, 30, just depends on medical history and complications along the was.
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  • I have had bloodwork and my 2nd u/s today because of spotting and they thought I was m/c. My other 3 pregnancies I got an u/s at 8-10 weeks for dating and again at 20wks.
  • I know you want to see your baby and your excited but typically those getting early ultrasounds are those having complications, had trouble conceiving or a history of a miscarriage. None if those are any fun. My dr's office does one 1st tri ultrasound for dating purposes, 20 week anatomy scan and a 3d one around 32 weeks (I think) standard. I had a lot more last time because of my history if mc and complications in first tri. Since my last pregnancy was successful I'm back to waiting like everyone else. As much as it sucks (and my PGAL brain is still getting the best of me) I'm just happy that everything seems to be going ok!

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  • In general it depends on the policy at the doctors office.  Some do a standard viability/dating u/s around week 6/7, some do one at 10-12 weeks, others do nothing until 20w.

    I will say though that many of us that get lots of ultrasounds don't get them for enviable reasons.  Some of the reasons that come to mind are histories of pregnancy losses, IF, high risk pregnancies...just to name a few. 

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  • I got one at 10 weeks with DS like you because they couldn't find the heartbeat on the Doppler.

    This time I got an early one due to spotting and to date the pregnancy since based on LMP I'd be over 8 weeks but I knew I ovulated way late.
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  • I have a dating one at 9 weeks, then a 12 week "genetic test" and then the 20 week anatomy scan.
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  • It really depends on the clinic and your insurance. I'm seeing a MFM due to complications in a previous pregnancy and they do an early dating ultrasound. Then they do the NT scan (if you want, and I do) at ~12 weeks. Then the anatomy scan at 20. That will be it hopefully! Maybe a growth scan toward the end but not always.
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  • I don't know about common. I had a quick viability check today in the office (they didn't have the equipment in house with my last pregnancy) and go back Friday for a formal dating U/S. 
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  • I had a dating ultrasound because I conceived coming off the pill with no period and had no LMP date to go off of. I was 6w3d by the ultrasound.
  • My doc has an u/s machine in her office so she does them frequently. I should be getting one Wed and then for the 12wk and 20wk u/s they send me the u/s techs, then I get them every other visit I believe, I'm not sure but I know it's often
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  • With DS, I had a dating one at 6w2d since my LMP and ovulation differed. I had the 1st tri screening/NT scan and not one again until A/S. This time around, we are seeing a fertility dr since it took us over a yr. I just began weekly ones (5 weeks) until I get released to my OB. I am actually more nervous than last time.
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  • I asked for a dating ultrasound even though I knew my LMP date and I'm glad I did because the due date I got from the u/s was two weeks later than the date we would have used from my LMP.

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  • I only had an early u/s because of a previous loss. Usually in the UK we have a 1st u/s at 12wks. As far as i'm aware, we don't have blood work done unless we're deemed "high risk" or going through IVF. We have blood taken once at 8-10wks as standard, but that's more to do with congenital diseases etc. If you have a previous loss, you can request an early scan on the NHS, which is what I did. Other than that, you can pay to have a private scan at a specialist clinic and it usually costs around £100 (about $130)



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  • My practice does a dating / viability scan for everyone at 6-8 weeks, and then the NT scan at 12 weeks. I think it depends on your history and your doctor. 

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  • I've had multiple miscarriages so they check early on to check for viability.
    Yep, same for me.
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  • Last time my dr. did one at 8, 12 and 20 weeks.



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  • My doctor has an ultrasound machine in her office, so she does a scan at every appointment.  However, I'm being referred to a radiology clinic for my anatomy scan at 20 weeks.  Like PP's have said, it depends entirely on your doctor and your medical history.
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  • I only had one early because I had spotting and they wanted to check that it was not ectopic. I'm having another one this week only because they saw two but only one heartbeat. So just checking to see if baby a will be viable or not. If I hadn't had the spotting I don't think I would've had one until 20 weeks. I'm pretty sure it all depends on the doctor.
  • I am having one at my first appointment Thursday which I will be 8 weeks Friday . I've had no complications and no trouble conceiving. This is my first and I am assuming they are doing it for dating. Ivr had no blood work or anything either

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  • I have my first appointment with the nurse at 7w6d.  I am fairly sure I will not be having an ultra sound done at that point and will have to go back between 8-12 weeks for my first ultra sound. 
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  • I'm in Australia and my GP has referred me for a dating scan at 8 weeks, morph scan at 12 weeks, scan at 16weeks then final scan at 20weeks to find out sex etc. all will be bulk billed. This is my first pregnancy and conceived naturally but this may just be differences in countries?
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  • I wasn't going to have one until 12 weeks, but when I started bleeding over Labor Day weekend, I ended up in the hospital for one, then another one a week later where they found a large subchorionic bleed.  Now I have to go in for one every 10-12 days to keep an eye on it. 
    I'd much rather have waited until the 12 week one!
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  • I'm a IVF gal so I will have my first at 6 weeks to rule out etopic or any other things that could go wrong. Then I will go back every other week for ultrasounds till my RE releases me to a OB which I think is about 12 weeks. That part is kinda cool but the IF brain sucks the life out of you before every appointment!!It sucks that I have to continue on shots till im released but if this gets me to the goal of having a baby I will do whatever it takes!
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  • Many people here have early bloodwork and ultrasounds due to a previous history of loss.  For someone who has not had previous losses, it is normal to have your first appointment between 8-12 weeks.
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  • I was originally at an Ob office that only did one at 20 weeks, which made me sad because I really want to see what's going on in there. So I called around and found an Ob that does one at 8, 12 and 20. I'm so excited! Sucks that I have to switch, but it's my baby and if I want to see it, I should be able to.
  • I had a dating one yesterday at 7 weeks, which is standard for my office. Every clinic is different.


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