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Good morning!

Hope to see some new "faces" check in today.  Tell us how far along you are, your EDD, and if you are team pink/blue/green, so we can get to know each other better. :)

Any other updates?  Questions you have?

ETA: @songbird - are you still hanging in there?

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Re: Pregnancy Check-In

  • I'm 30w4d today, EDD 11/21/13, Team Blue. :)

    I'm still trucking along.  We started our child birth course last week.  It's a Birthing From Within course.  We enjoyed our first class.  We're the only same-sex couple in the class, which is fine, but I was a little disappointed that our instructor (who is a lesbian herself) kept referring to "daddies" instead of "birth partners" during the class.  Well, she probably only slipped up a couple of times after I kindly pointed it out.  Z doesn't get bothered about such things, but it did bother me.  Has anyone else experienced anything like this in your class?  If so, how have you dealt with it?

    Not much else going on.  Just feeling a little overwhelmed about the thought of getting things organized.  I feel like it's too early for hard-core nesting, so just waiting.  Thankfully, I still feel pretty good and have a decent amount of energy.
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  • Good morning!!! I will be 10 weeks on Wednesday :) getting closer to the 2nd trimester mark. I think once I get there things may feel a little more real and I can stress a little less.
    EDD is tax day (April 15th) we will be finding out the sex of our little around 20 weeks. Which is thanksgiving my mom made me promise her she would get to come to an ultrasound so that's the one she will be coming to because from what I understand that's the only other one I have haha. It's also her birthday month so I think that will be a neat surprise for her.
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  • @HBM - yeah, it was pretty weird (in a good way) to see a '3' at the beginning of my week. Seems like a milestone. :) That sperm comment is funny. I guess I just thought that since the instructor is a lesbian, she may be a little more sensitive. I'm sure it's just habit as she teaches a lot of these classes with presumably mostly straight couples.
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    [Deleted User]
  • 7 weeks 6 days

    So far so good. Got terribly sick for most of the day yesterday, today I'm back to just nausea and keeping food down... Otherwise I feel pretty good.  Ok I'm totally lying. I feel pretty horrid but I'm hanging in there. ;-)

    I don't think we're doing a birthing class this time? But last time we took a LGBT birthing class with a lesbian instructor. It was very natural focused which was great. One of the neatest things we did was holding ice cubes and practicing our relaxation/birthing techniques.  It's not at all like labor but the idea of focusing through the discomfort/pain was very helpful during actual labor. 

  • @Jazibel - sorry you are feeling awful, even though its a nice reminder that your body is doing what it needs to do. We did the ice cube thing last week! It was a very interesting exercise. The first time, we held the ice for a minute without coping. We did it two more times while focusing on our breath and what a difference it made!
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  • Hello everyone!
    We are chugging along at 15w3d and I'm so glad my wife is feeling better! She thinks she felt the babies move over last weekend too, so that is exciting. I can't wait to feel them on my end! In the evenings I like to talk/sing to them and feel where each baby is located. We have an appt tomorrow but I'm counting the days till the AS in 3 weeks! We are team finding out :) hope everyone else has a good week!
    My name is A, I am wife to J.  After 7 months of ttc and one MC, we are expecting two baby girls in 2014!

  • Hello, I am checking in from the road as we are driving back from visiting family. We are 30 weeks this week, EDD 11/21, team blue.
    We had a wonderful weekend and family shower this weekend. I was a little freaked out bc I started having Braxton Hicks this weekend. For me, it started with a little aching in my lower back (similar to how I feel the day before I start my period) the scary part is then that my entire abdomen gets tight, not painful, but like I am flexing my muscles. My OB agrees these are likely just BH, but now I have to monitor to ensure I am not having more than 4 an hour. I terrified of pre-term labor or being put on bedrest so I am trying to be extra good about taking breaks and drinking plenty of water. Other than that not much else going on here.
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  • ATX, thanks for the shout out. I'm still holding on, but not much longer... Moving in on 39 weeks here team pink.

    Last week the doc talked about setting an induction date for this Thursday. However, I had another appt this morning and we all agreed to wait until next week for an induction decision. I want to give my body time to go Into labor on its own even though I'm pretty much progressed as I can get without being in active labor and have been for at least 2-3 weeks. So Monday another appt if I don't go before then and then probably looking at induction mid week next week. So, I guess I'll continue reading my books since I feel seriously unprepared still, like I'm not going to know how to relieve engorgement and things like that! I'm dying to know what this kid looks like. All we Know is that we got pics of the baby's feet a couple of weeks ago and she does not have mine. My toes are all in line length wise and this baby definitely has a longer second toe on her feet! Wild! I seriously wonder what she will look like! So I'm holding out for one more preg check in and a little libra baby. :).
    DP and I have been together since 1/2007 and had a wedding ceremony 5/11

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    IUI #4 - 5mg Femera, ovidril Jan 2012 BFP!!! Beta 13DPO= 41, 15DPO = 123; 1st u/s at 6w4d HB 132!; 2nd u/s 8w4d HB 179

    EDD 9.26.13

  • I am 7 wks 2 days today. kinda naseous a lot and zilch energy but other than that I feel fine. we go in for our first ultrasound this friday.
  • Good to see everyone's updates and so many new people checking in!

    @AfterLater - I understand - it's sometimes hard to compute what's going on since you can't see/feel it yet!  

    @Mamosey - the A/S is a lot of fun!  Lots of time to spend looking at your baby.  It's quite amazing!

    @AmandaG47 - Glad your wife is feeling better.  16 weeks was a turning point for me.  And, those first little flutters are fun - kinda felt like a fish swimming in my belly.  And, she's going to have twice the fun!

    @mwagner25 - I've been wondering what BH feel like.  I think I might have had 1 over the weekend, but wasn't quite sure.  It kinda felt like what you described, so maybe so.

    @songbird31 - Thinking about you as you wind down.  Hope your little one decides to come on her own.  Whatever the circumstance, so amazing you will be meeting her soon!

    @irandann03 - Enjoy your ultrasound!  Hearing the heartbeat for the first time is an amazing thing! 
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  • @herbabymama thanks for the well wishes and everyone else too! Yeah, although the discussion began because of my blood pressure issues I'm glad I've bought more time for a natural labor start. It is surprising to everyone that I haven't gone into active labor by now..... For now I'm glad the doc is open to waiting at least one more week before taking a look again at the situation. And yes, I could definitely still end up with a little Virgo. :). I've still got 6 more days! I just want to stay away from a c section at all costs for several reasons so I'm fighting for that natural active labor for sure!
    DP and I have been together since 1/2007 and had a wedding ceremony 5/11

    IUIs - natural cycle, one cancelled, 2 w/50mg Clomid

    IUI #4 - 5mg Femera, ovidril Jan 2012 BFP!!! Beta 13DPO= 41, 15DPO = 123; 1st u/s at 6w4d HB 132!; 2nd u/s 8w4d HB 179

    EDD 9.26.13

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  • @ATXmommas
    yes, we are definitely looking forward to it!! im keeping my fingers crossed for twins( I want a boy and a girl :-))!
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