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Baby Must Haves for Dads!

There are a few things that stand out as making a big difference with one or both of my children.  Here is a small list. 

Dimmable lighting
Swaddling Blanket
itz been
Diaper Genie
Baby Monitor
A decent camera

What are some of the things on your dady-must-have-list?

Re: Baby Must Haves for Dads!

  • Rock and play was a life saver for us.

    I highly recommend it for anyone expecting.
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  • Our LO loved his swing, he slept in it for the first two months of his life.  A lot of the time we didn't even turn on the swing.  We didn't spend a lot of money on a baby monitor since our bedroom is just across a short hall from him.  Someone gave us a diaper genie that we used for poopy diapers only, pee diapers went straight into the trash.

    MW didn't care about the diaper bag so I chose both of our diaper bags.  I gave the first one to my MIL who is our babysitter while we work.

    Our LO who is only 27 months old is already 40 pounds and in size 4/5 T shirts so a lot of our baby stuff didn't stay out for long.
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  • Lots of swaddling-type blankets, mostly for cleanup and for the kid to chew (love this for some reason)

    A bouncy chair. We've got a monkey jungle thing that plays steel drum music when you pull on a stalk of bananas. I wish it came in adult sizes.

    Camera, absolutely
  • That little clipy string thing for the pacifier.
  • I know this is going to sound dumb but what is a Rock-And-Play?
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  • Rock and play is essentially a bassinet that sits on rocking legs so while they are laying down, they can be rocked.  Personally haven't used one for our kids, but have heard multiple people swear by them.
  • Each child is unique also so what works for the 1st one may not work for any other.
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