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Advice for future daddy's

Don't tell your pregnant wife she's being dramatic. Mine just did & I wanted to smack him & now I can't stop crying. While all men can try to understand what woman go through when pregnant you can't so just trust that it can be awful being sick day in and day out so just help your pregnant wife when they need it. It's the least you could do since your wife is going to have to push out a baby soon. So suck it up and help her! Note- I have not been emotional this entire pregnancy until today. Sigh... Unbelievable!

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  • Why can't men understand what their wives are going through?  It hurts us too to see our wives in pain, sick all the time, tired and moody.  Granted, your hubby shouldn't say you were being dramatic...that was poor judgement on his part and yes he should suck it up; However, to make such a harsh notion that we as Husbands can't understand (even a small bit) of what you're going through seems a bit unfair.  For me, I am an empath...I feel what my wife feels quite often because we are so connected to one another.  I feel for her as she is sick, or exhausted, or in pain...not to mention a lot (and I can't speak for all) of the husbands on here probably bend over backwards to help keep finance in order...some probably doing hard labor themselves to make sure things can be afforded, etc.
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  • I think there should be extra understanding and allowances made on both sides...but it is also not a free pass to do what ever they want. Both sides should accept notice that a line is crossed.
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