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April 2014 Moms

~Saturday Symptom/? about symptoms check in~

Good Morning April Momma's! This is a check-in to SHARE,VENT AND ask QUESTIONS about whatever symptoms you may be experiencing today.  

So tell us -


Baby #:



Since this is a common questions I'm going to address it here. If your symptoms are fading please know that this is normal, they will come and go all through out your pregnancy, it does not mean that you will definitely miscarry. Symptoms are not a good way to gauge if your pregnancy is viable or not. The only person that can tell you that is your doctor or midwife. 
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Re: ~Saturday Symptom/? about symptoms check in~

  • cstory316cstory316 member
    edited September 2013
    Week/Days: 10weeks today Baby #: 1 (2nd pregnancy) Symptoms/rants: constant peeing. I timed it and I went 4 times in 20 minutes last night. Sore boobs, tired, hungry all the time Questions: I have noticed that I don't have as much/very little CM. is this normal?
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  • @cstory316 I'm 10 weeks tomorrow and I'm having every symptom you are having lol down to the CM! I was thinking about this the other day and I remembered with my last pregnancy it seemed like things got really slippery down there more in my 2nd trimester. I seem to be breaking out a lot on my chest and back which is unusual for me, I never did this with my other boys so I'm hoping this means girl!
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  • @Kristy774 I am glad you have noticed less CM too. I hope you get your girl!! :) I am glad to figure out who is close to my due date! I am always mobile bumping so I can't see how far along everyone is!
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  • 9 weeks, 4 days with baby # 1

    Symptoms: m/s intermittently, sore boobs, pee a lot - I'm feeling so much better than the last couple of weeks! Fingers crossed that m/s stays at bay!
  • 7w3d
    baby #3
    M/s, exhaustion, hormonal (crying a lot), super irritable, hungry all the time

    I also rember CM lessening toward end if first then increasing in second tri through third.

    With my first girl I had horrendous chest/neck acne and I never break out. None with my second. My nausea seems to be worse this pregnancy and a small part of me hope that means this is a boy. But it's probably just worse bc I'm chasing two toddlers now.
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  • Pregnancy #2 (1st baby didnt make it). We are at 7w4d. I cried at the weather forecast this morning! It is finally cooling off! I mean I CRIED!!! Craving cheese, pizza sauce and salt...peeing a lot and so tired. I am grabbing a 45 min nap after work everyday. My doc is awesome...he keeps telling me to listen to my body...so cheese dipped in pizza sauce and a nap it is!!!!
  • 7w4d (yay @lissajjmet we are date twins!)


    Told my MIL, BIL and SIL today, which was fun (if a bit frustrating because they didn't get it right away). We just need to tell my other BIL/SIL and the whole immediate family will know. 

    Not feeling nauseous today, so far, which is nice. I think I have a cyst on my left ovary. I've been having pain there, not horrible, but achy and uncomfortable. My doctor said it wasn't anything to worry about, but of course I'm worried. Anyone else have this? 

    Otherwise, just tired. Definitely taking a nap today :)
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