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How far is too far? Location Question

I've been researching for DD's 6th birthday.  She wants a cowgirl theme.  I had originally thought to do it at a local park and hire a cowboy/cowgirl to come and do games/entertainment, etc.  In my research, I found someone who can do that but also has a party venue themselves (ranch/farm location).  It would be so cool to do it at the location because they do everything from hayride, pony rides, the show, petting zoo, etc.  The only catch is that it is ~30 minutes from where we and all her friends live.  Is that too far to ask parents to drive for a party?

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  • Yes, 30 min is too far. I wouldn't attend (as a classmate) due to distance unless you were a really good friend.  15 min is the max I want to drive.
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  • Depends how much you drive in your city usually. 20-30 minutes here wouldn't be a huge deal.
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  • If I was a guest I'd consider it quite far and an annoing, as PP said it adds up easily! If you still want to do it there I'd provide transportation for the non-family guests
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  • For a truly FUN party, I probably wouldn't mind.  Just a few months ago, we drove 20 mins - and it was worth it.

    But to a PPs point- do you plan on this being a drop off party or a party where the parents stay?  Because that plays a role too.  If I'm staying - not a big deal.  If I have to drop off then go pick my nose for 2 hours - I'd probably skip the party. 
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  • I think I'd let the parents decide if they wanted to drop off or stay.  I'd completely expect them to stay due to the distance.  Given that most of the classmate parties have been within 15 minutes drive, I'm going to say this is too far.  Thanks for the opinions!
  • I think it depends on your area. 30 minutes here is no big deal for a farm party like that. People do it all the time.

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